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2019 National Sexual Assault Conference

Beyond the Breakthrough

[Banner] Beyond the Breakthrough, 2019 National Sexual Assault Conference

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape will host the 2019 National Sexual Assault Conference from August 21 to 23 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Conference Manual   PDF | TXT

Manual de Conferencia   PDF | TXT

Materials Provided by Presenters

DAY 1: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Breakout Session 1: 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM

  • Tune In & Watch Out: Recognize & Reshape Trauma in Media
    Presenter: Marcella A. Maggio

  • An Oral Symposium on Men's Accountability Around #MeToo: What We Learned
    Presenters: Alan Heisterkamp, Michael Fleming

  • Missing Nuance: How Dehumanizing Perpetrators Can Cause More Harm Than Good
    Presenters: Elizabeth Stahler, Alexandra Lenzen, Alicia Key

  • Healthy Relationship & Sexuality Education for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities
    Presenter: Mandy Doyle

  • Addressing the Proposed Title IX Regulations' Privacy Implications
    Presenters: Lindy Aldrich, Marissa Korbel

  • From Grounding Exercises to BDSM: Sex After Sexual Violence
    Presenters: Quinn Pellerito, Radha Prabakaran

  • Forgotten No More: Victim Services for Formerly Incarcerated Survivors
    Presenters: Tara Graham, Allison Hastings

  • The Philadelphia Model: Advocate Review of Police Sex Crime Files
    Presenters: Carol Tracy, Terry Fromson

  • The SANE/Advocate Dance
    Presenters: Kathleen Kempke, Jennifer Thayer

  • The Revolution Will Be Intersectional: Creating Truly Empowering Organizations
    Presenter: Chimi Boyd-Keyes

  • Walk With Me: Supporting Houseless Youth With a Sustainable Street Outreach Program
    Presenter: Regan Tala Blake

  • Send Nudes? Supporting Youth Resilience Through Technology
    Presenter: Kristen Pritchard

  • Research Beyond Bystander Intervention: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly
    Presenter: Rose Hennessy

  • "Yes" is Not Enough: Moving Beyond Consent to Great Sex
    Presenters: Brenna Merrill, Kelly McGuire

  • This is America: Using an Anti-Oppression Framework for Sexual Violence Prevention
    Presenter: LaQuisha S. Anthony

  • Breaking Through Employee Trauma and Burnout
    Presenters: Irene D. Gallegos, Kwynn Gonzalez-Pons

  • Care, Compassion, and Creativity: Trans Survivors and Forensic Exams
    Presenters: Diane Daiber, Christina Presenti, Loree Cook-Daniels

  • Organizational Transformation: Addressing the Effects of Race, Intersectionality, and Oppression
    Presenters: Randi Bregman, Angela M. Douglas

Breakout Session 2: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

  • Understanding, Preventing & Responding to People Who Commit Sexual Abuse: A Life Course Issue
    Presenter: Kieran McCartan

  • College Campus Sexual Assault: Creating a Team of Trauma-Informed, Culturally Competent Sexual Violence Professionals
    Presenters: Deborah O'Neill, Laura Collins

  • Disciplined Too Young & Too Often: Understanding School Pushout
    Presenter: Nubia Pena

  • We Choose All of Us: Community of Purpose + Practice
    Presenters: Jennifer Martinez, Jeff Matsushita

  • What's New in Trauma Research and Recovery
    Presenter: Jo Johnson

  • Sexual Abuse Awareness for Self-Advocates
    Presenters: Sharon Harper-Young, Oscar Drummond, Christine Breakstone, Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone

  • Overcoming Challenges in Providing Victim Services for Incarcerated Survivors
    Presenters: Vanessa Sapien, Dave Rini, Karel Amaranth

  • Mi Afrodescendencia: Afrolatinx y Abuso Sexual en la NiÒez
    Presenters: Luz Marquez Benbow, Isa Woldeguiorguis

  • Privacy at the Intersections: Protecting Immigrant Survivors' Privacy Interests
    Presenters: Jessica Mindlin, Hema Sarang-Sieminski

  • When Things Don't Go Right: Sexual Assault Exam Billing and Payment - It's Time for a Change
    Presenters: Diane Daiber, Christina Presenti

  • Making Sexual Abuse Prevention a Part of Your Mission
    Presenter: Meg Stone

  • Keeping Our Bodies Safe: Strategies to End FGC in Iowa's African Communities
    Presenter: Hibo Jama

  • #StayWoke: Including Social Liberation in Prevention
    Presenter: Tonjie Reese

  • Engaging Your Community: Community Organizing and Primary Prevention
    Presenter: Calvin Hall

  • Maine's Children's Safety Partnership Initiative: From Policy to Implementation
    Presenter: Destie Hohman Sprague

  • Radical Self-Care for Sexual Assault Advocates of Color
    Presenters: Jessica Li, Fiona Oliphant 

  • Let's Talk Racism: In Terms of Sexual Violence
    Presenters: Tatiana Piper, Jackie Strohm

  • Federal and State Policy Responses to Sexual Assault: Beyond the Breakthrough
    Presenter: Terri Poore

Breakout Session 3: 2:45 PM - 4:15 PM

  • Gentlemen Respecting & Interacting In Truth (G.r.i.t) Healthy Black Masculinity
    Presenter: Corey Ingram

  • #LoveWITHAccountability: Digging Up the Roots of Child Sexual Abuse
    Presenters: Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Ignacio G. Huti, Xeiti Rivera, e nina jay, Mel Anthony Phillips

  • Creating a Sustainable Organization Through Revenue Generation: Show Me the Money
    Presenter: Kenosha Davenport

  • Safe Harbor for All: Expanding Support of Adult Trafficking/Exploitation Survivors
    Presenters: Caroline Palmer, Beatriz Menanteau, Lauren Martin

  • Healing Vulcan: Lessons Learned About Preventing Sexual Assault from the Ancient Legend of Vulcan and a Girl from Philly with 25 Years Experience Treating Sexual Abusers
    Presenter: Deidre M. D'Orazio

  • Eliminating Barriers to Outreach in Underserved Communities
    Presenter: Heather Ulrich

  • Campus Health Center Intervention Addressing Alcohol Use and Sexual Violence
    Presenters: Jocelyn Anderson, Elizabeth Miller, Kelley Jones, Carla Chugani

  • End Tech Abuse Across Generations: Prevention & Response Tools for Adults Serving Youth
    Presenters: Jessica Moreno, Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez

  • Strong Survivor Staff, Strong Services: Hiring Human Trafficking Survivor Staff
    Presenters: Deborah Pembrook, Josephine Freemster

  • Embodied Resilience: Tools for Finding Ease Within
    Presenter: Desiree Magsombol

  • Connecting the Dots: Trauma-Informed Legal Advocacy and Deaf Community
    Presenters: Stephanie Smith-Bowman, Karen Ball, Crystal Kupar

  • A Place of their Own: Art Making with Incarcerated Survivors
    Presenter: Kate Stank

  • Foundations for Creating Bridges to Communities
    Presenter: Eric Stiles

  • Sexual Violence - The Refugee Experience
    Presenter: Merkeb Yohannes 

  • Focus, Framing & Facts: Promoting Prevention with Strategic Communication Choices
    Presenters: Kristen Houser, Julie Patrick

  • Follow the Evidence: What the Research Says About Empowerment Self-Defense
    Presenters: Martha Thompson, Lindsay Orchowski, Darlene DeFour

  • Revolutionizing How Employers Address Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Violence
    Presenters: Holly Rider-Milkovich, Elizabeth Bille

DAY 2: Thursday, August 22, 2019

Breakout Session 4: 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

  • Trauma-Informed Supervision
    Presenter: Rebecca Nickels

  • Organizing Around Health to Fight Discriminatory Policy and Violence
    Presenters: Deena Fulton, Raye Dooley

  • Building Inclusive Services for LGBTQ+ Survivors
    Presenters: Ethan Czuy Levine, Lindsey Curtis

  • Child on Child Sexual Abuse - A Community Education Essential
    Presenters: Lizz Durbin, Deb Helt

  • Applying Principles-Focused Evaluation to Sexual Violence Prevention
    Presenters: Erin Casey, Tatiana Masters

  • The Journey and the Destination: Communicating Effectively About Prevention
    Presenter: Pamela Mejia

  • "Quality" Care After Sexual Assault: Fact or Fiction?
    Presenters: Diane Daiber, Christina Presenti

  • A Resilient Tune: Black Women in Music & Healing Advocacy
    Presenter: LySaundra Campbell

  • The Most Dangerous Power of the Prosecutor
    Presenter: Julie L. Germann

  • Systematic Action Research to Address Sexual Violence in Schools
    Presenters: Victoria L. Dickman-Burnett, Maribeth Geaman 

  • Designing and Operating a Web-Based Crisis Line on a College Campus
    Presenters: Tana Fedewa, Kathryn Naber, Carrie Moylan

  • Cultural Humility: Moving From Theory to Daily Application
    Presenters: Fiona Oliphant, Jessica Li

  • Building Partnerships to Support Survivors of Sexual Abuse in Detention 
    Presenters: Nicole de la Torre, Matthew Hale, Sandra Henriquez, Tatiana Piper

  • Sanando y Construyendo Comunidad
    Presenters: Mary Eldridge, Katryn Duarte

  • Perpetrator Accountability in the Time of #MeToo: Individuals Who Offend and Moving Towards Prevention
    Presenter: Maia Christopher

  • RALIANCE - Creating Multi-Intersectional Child Sex Abuse Policy
    Presenters: Ebony Tucker, Amita Swadhin, Luz Marquez

  • Don't Be Afraid to Catch Feels: Facilitating a Healthy Relationship Series for Students
    Presenters: Laura Luciano, Julie Millisky

  • What's New in Trauma Research and Recovery
    Presenter: Jo Johnson

  • Vulnerable and Underserved: Victim Advocacy for Incarcerated Transgender Survivors
    Presenters: Vanessa Sapien, Tonjie Reese

  • Bringing Cosby to Justice: The First Conviction in the #MeToo Era
    Presenters: M. Stewart Ryan, Esq., Hon. Kevin R. Steele, Kristen M. Gibbons Feden

Breakout Session 5: 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

  • Survivor and Respondent Services on Campus: Navigating Both Responsibly
    Presenters: Joan Tabachnick, Jill Dunlap, Jennifer Henkle

  • The Role of Forensic Nurses within the Context of Health Disparity and Criminal Justice
    Presenter: Jacqueline Callari Robinson

  • From Victim to Survivor Utilizing Trauma-Focused, Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy
    Presenters: Kelli Adams, Susan McKinney

  • "Nevertheless, They Persisted": Arts-Based, Youth-Focused Prevention Programming in Resistant Communities
    Presenter: Alison Price

  • Substance Use and Sexual Violence
    Presenter: Karla Vierthaler 

  • Prevention in Rural Communities
    Presenters: Jessica Bender, Laura Martin

  • KEEP KIDS FREE: Systems-Level Change to Disrupt the Trauma-to-Prison Pipeline
    Presenters: Kate McCord, Valerie Slater

  • The Impact of Sexual Violence on African American Women
    Presenter: Phyllis Miller

  • In the Mirror: Breaking-Through, Inside Out
    Presenters: Katryn Duarte, Adam Robinson

  • Implementing a Strangulation Supplemental Form for a Credible Investigation
    Presenter: Kelsey McKay

  • Serving Immigrant Survivors: A Model for Statewide Collaboration and Capacity Building
    Presenters: Sarah Martin-Torres, Allison Little Sun

  • "I'm Here to Help" Hotline Audits: A Quality Improvement Tool
    Presenter: Devin Rojas

  • Calladita te ves mas bonita: Los consejos de abuelita no simpre son los mejores
    Presenters: Virginia Rueda, Denise Loya

  • Staying Safe and Sane While Supporting Survivors: Empowerment Self-Defense for Advocates
    Presenters: Meg Stone, Lauren Taylor, Melissa Morales, Benjamin Comeau

  • Responsible Behavior with Younger Children: A School-Based Prevention Intervention
    Presenter: Amanda Ruzicka

  • The #MeToo movement: Enacting Empowerment through Empathy
    Presenters: Nikita Mitchell, Celeste Faison

Breakout Session 6: 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

  • LINE DRAWN: Preventing Sexual Abuse in Theater Organizations
    Presenters: Meg Stone, Dawn M. Simmons 

  • Social Justice as Our Prevention Framework
    Presenter: Nubia Pena

  • Beyond Stock Images: Using Graphic Design to Advance Prevention
    Presenters: Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez, Tori VandeLinde, Celeste Espinoza

  • Building Bridges to Safety: Interdisciplinary Legal Advocacy for Immigrant Survivors
    Presenters: Kursten Phelps, Adriana Lopez

  • Treatment Implications for the Intersection of Rurality and Sexual Assault
    Presenter: Lauren Patterson

  • Reclaiming My Sexuality: Intimacy and Self-Love After the Trauma
    Presenter: Portia Gordon

  • SisÖ Get inFormation: IPV in the Black Community at Predominately White Institutions
    Presenter: Shanese McGregor

  • Quilting Strength
    Presenter: Shenoa Williams

  • Bringing Youth Voice to the Child Trafficking Multidisciplinary Response
    Presenter: Elizabeth Bouchard

  • Wakanda in the Anti-Sexual Violence Movement: Sustaining a Women of Color Caucus
    Presenters: Elise Delacruz, Sheryan Cancel

  • Sexual Violence: A Healthcare Priority for EMS Providers
    Presenter: Judy Henderson

  • Culture at the Center: Working with Latinx Male and Male-Identified Survivors
    Presenter: Leo Martinez

  • Music Heals: Music Therapy for Survivors of Sexual Violence
    Presenter: Rachel Ebeling

  • Sexual Assault: Cause and Consequence of Forced Marriage
    Presenters: Casey Carter Swegman, Fatima Porgho

  • Volunteers are the Core
    Presenters: Amrith Fernandes Prabhu, Marta Bobinski

  • Safety in Numbers: Advocates, Researchers, and Corporations Working Together
    Presenters: Chad Sniffen, Janine Zweig

  • Healing Indigenous Communities Through Empowerment Self-Defense
    Presenters: Nicole Lovato, Sara Rae Davis, Shanda Poitra, Wes Davis, James Decouteau

  • We ALL Need Support: Best Practices for Gender-Integrated Support Groups
    Presenters: Loree Cook-Daniels, Tristen Taggart

  • Connecting the Pieces: The Picture May Be Different From What You Think
    Presenters: Bev Frantz, Kyla Schultz

DAY 3: Friday, August 23, 2019

Breakout Session 7: 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM

  • Healthy Relationship Education for Young Adults with ASD
    Presenter: Mary Worthington

  • Stronger Together: Data Analysis and Data Retreats
    Presenters: Maya Pilgrim, Denise Loya

  • Confidential Services for Incarcerated and Detained Sexual Assault Survivors
    Presenter: Carol Schrader

  • A Pacific Toolkit for the Prevention of Campus Sexual Misconduct
    Presenters: Cynthia Cabot, Lisa Linda Natividad, John J. Rivera

  • SESTA/FOSTA, Sex Workers, and Sexual Assault Advocacy
    Presenter: Michelle Erdman

  • The Sexuality of Black Women - From #Traumatized' to #Empowered'
    Presenter: Rolanda McCall

  • No More Empty Cups: Creating More Room for Self-Care at Workplaces
    Presenters: Trace Fleming-Trice, Sean Creech

  • Understanding Ableism in Athletics and Sexual Violence Prevention Efforts in Sport
    Presenters: Ethan Linsky, Brian Pinero

  • Working Intentionally with International and Queer Student Survivors
    Presenters: Nastia Gorodilova, K Richardson

  • The Kids We're Missing: A Strength-Based Approach to Intervention
    Presenters: Megan Schroeder, Megan Zurasky

  • Advocating for Each Other: Supporting Survivors in Anti-Rape Work
    Presenter: Shundrea Trotty 

  • Ni de Aquí, Ni de Allá: Latinas in Philadelphia
    Presenter: Johanna A Rodriguez

  • The SAFE-T Center: Transforming Sexual Assault Care Through Telehealth Technology
    Presenters: Sheridan Miyamoto, Cynthia Bittner

  • Building Community Relationships with Law Enforcement
    Presenters: Justin Boardman, Jennifer Benner

  • A Conversation on Bridging the Gap for Male Survivors
    Presenter: Louie Marven

  • Analysis & Advocacy: Sexual Violence in Asian & Pacific Islander Immigrant/Refugee Communities
    Presenter: Chic Dabby 

  • #SurvivingRKelly: A Conversation with Black Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
    Presenters: Eb. Brown, Luz Benbow, Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Ignacio Rivera 

  • Reclaiming My Sexuality: Intimacy and Self-Love After the Trauma
    Presenter: Portia Gordon

  • Breakout Session 8: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

  • Supporting Survivors During Pregnancy and Birth
    Presenter: Cat Fribley

  • Support Groups for Transgender Survivors of Sexual Violence
    Presenters: Katie Kondrat, Quinn Gormley, Rickey Thorn

  • "Don't Be Afraid to Stand Up and Be the Voice:" A Model of Prevention Theory Applied to Intercollegiate Athletics
    Presenter: Kristy McCray

  • Trauma-Informed Mentoring for Child Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation
    Presenters: Rhonda Hendrickson, Elyse Szurgot

  • The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Adult Masculinity
    Presenter: Rick Azzaro

  • The Other Birds and Bees: Discussing Healthy Sexuality with Kids
    Presenter: Nwando Ofokansi

  • Sexual Assault and Direct Victim Services in the Air Force
    Presenters: Captain Noah L. Coakley II, Technical Sergeant Jessica Whetstone

  • Sexual Assault as Water Cooler Talk: How to Better Support Survivors Impacted by Media
    Presenter: Rubi Mancilla

  • Sexual Healing: I Left. Now What?
    Presenter: Joyce Kyles

  • Un Bombazo Afro: Black Latinx Wellness Circle
    Presenters: Luz Marquez Benbow, Isa Woldeguiorguis, & Rosa BeltrÈ

  • Enhancing Campus Advocacy Response Through Community Partnership
    Presenters: Nichole Mueller, Vanessa M. Reyna

  • United in Mission: Coordinating Intervention and Prevention Efforts
    Presenter: Lisa Winchell-Caldwell

  • Organizational Transformation: Addressing the Effects of Race, Intersectionality, and Oppression
    Presenters: Randi Bregman, Angela M. Douglas 

  • Nightlife as Social Experiment: Consent Culture After Dark
    Presenter: L'OrÈal McCollum 

  • ¿Me Explico?: Integrating a Linguistic Justice Approach to Working with Gender-Based Violence Survivors
    Presenters: Heidi Notario, Dr. Gabriela Lopez Zeron

  • The Power of Our Bodies: An Empowerment Self-Defense Workshop
    Presenters: Patti Giggans, Clara Porter

  • Partners in Prevention ñ Teaming up to Train Soccer Coaches Nationwide
    Presenters: Melanie Austin, Tyler Lumpkin, Lynn Berling-Manuel 

  • Disrupting LGBT Sexual Assault Disparities Where They Start: In Childhood
    Presenters: Loree Cook-Daniels, MS, Tristen Taggart

Beyond the Breakthrough