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Media Requests

Reporter holding a notebook and microphones

Reporter holding a notebook and microphones

The way we talk about sexual harassment, abuse, and assault matters. Journalists play a key role in educating the public about these issues, which is why accurate reporting is so crucial. NSVRC is a resource available to the media, providing guidance to promote informed reporting that enhances the public dialogue around these topics.

At NSVRC, we can provide context for your story on various issues related to sexual assault, including common survivor reactions, statistics and prevalence data, consent and healthy sexuality, trauma-informed care and survivor support, the criminal justice system, and the role that each of can play in preventing the public health issue of sexual violence. We can also share our expertise on effectively sharing messages about prevention with general public audiences.

Members of the media can contact us at  or call (877) 739-3895.

For requests that are not media-related, please click here to contact us through our website. This is the fastest way for us to respond to your message with the resources you are looking for.


When quoting or utilizing our materials, we request that you include the following statement at the bottom of the document:

“For further information, please visit the National Sexual Violence Resource Center at and explore more ways to learn, get help, and boost sexual violence prevention."

Reporter holding a notebook and microphones