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Fear limits our ability as sexual and domestic violence prevention advocates to address the roots of violence. It’s the fear of talking about racial inequity – saying the wrong thing or being called racist – and also fear of retaliation for wanting to talk about it. In turn, we can recreate these same inequities within organizations. This conversation is for everyone – we all need to work from the places we have privilege.

Not only is April the time that we recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month, but it is also the month where we can expect torrents of rain. As I stare out the window wishing for the buckets of rain pouring down from the sky to cease immediately, I find comfort in reading about individuals who embraced their own voices to bravely stand up for themselves and others. The beauty that comes through in their words makes the dreariness outside a little more bearable.

NSVRC is seeking to contract with a technical editor for Sexual Assault Response Team Toolkit.

By Carol May, Communications Intern for NSVRC 

A lot. 

One person can make a tremendous difference, and countless people are making a difference, all over the country, every day. 

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center is on-site as the Bill Cosby trial progresses to provide insight and expertise in response to key statements made during the courtroom proceedings.

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) announced today 35 recipients of its 2018 Visionary Voice Awards.

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center announced that Yolanda Edrington will be the new Chief Operating Officer serving as the leading nonprofit’s Director.

Experts from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) will be on site at the Montgomery County Courthouse beginning Monday, April 9 for Bill Cosby’s trial.

En los Estados Unidos, abril ha sido designado Mes de Concientización contra la Agresión Sexual (SAAM, por sus siglas en inglés).

Since 2010, NSVRC has offered translations of our annual Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign materials in Spanish.