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After Sexual Assault

We Believe You. We Are Here for you. It is Not Your Fault.

Connecting with support can be extremely important after a sexual assault. Our Find Help page is a good place to start, which includes a directory of organizations (To find resources by state, use our State Directory.)  For those outside of the United States, the No More Directory has a list of country-specific help.


NSVRC has a number of resources in our online collection that can provide helpful information about the process of healing from sexual violence. If you want to  talk to an advocate, counselor, or therapist about your experiences, search for local help  in the Raliance Directory of Rape Crisis Centers or RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline can connect you to someone in your area through their telephone routing service or through their chat service.  We also have a resource topic dedicated to Healing from Sexual Assault.


Rainn has created a page dedicated to helping you understand what to expect if you choose to go to the hospital after a sexual assault. You may also benefit from learning about trauma responses and common experiences after a sexual assault. Finding community can also be vital. 


Other Resources Include:

Online Resources for Survivors

Resources for Survivors of Violence, Disasters, and Other Traumatic Experiences 

 Finding Mental Health Support for BIPOC Survivors 

Survivor Resources – Our SAAM page lists resources for survivors on how to find support online.  

Chat Rooms and Message Boards –This page lists various chat rooms and message boards for survivors. 

Our Wave – This page provides space for survivors to share their story either anonymously or publicly.  


Remember, there is no wrong way to heal after a sexual assault. You do not have to go to law enforcement if you don’t feel comfortable. If you are considering reporting to law enforcement, RAINN has provided a list of useful information which may help you decide. Nonetheless, these suggestions are options you  have, not things you must do. You are the one who gets to choose what is best for you, even if that is no action at all.

 Just remember: sexual assault or harassment is never your fault, no matter what.