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The movement to end sexual violence in the United States, and around the world, relies on people who’ve made a choice to do something. Sexual violence often seems inevitable, but the choice to do something and get involved has made incredible changes in national and global conversations about sexual violence. In recent decades, these changing conversations have expanded support for survivors and led to substantial innovation in the work of preventing sexual violence.

There are many ways you can become involved in the work of changing conversations about sexual violence, supporting survivors, and preventing sexual violence before it ever happens.

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Volunteer: Community rape crisis centers often rely on the support of volunteers to provide services to victims (such as answering telephone calls from survivors) and to help implement prevention programs (like talking to students about sexual violence). NSVRC can help you to find the nearest crisis center to you.

Organize: Throughout the country, passionate groups of community members organize events, plays, and rallies to raise awareness about sexual violence. NSVRC and your community rape crisis center can often help you to find these groups, or give you advice on how to start a group of your own.

Learn: The root causes of sexual violence run deep and are sometimes hard to understand. Learning about sexual violence from resource centers like NSVRC can help you to understand these root causes, helping you to be a part of the national conversation about sexual violence and a more effective advocate for survivors and the work of prevention.

Donate: Like most social change endeavors, NSVRC, rape crisis centers, and other organizations working to address sexual violence rely on public funding to operate. Your donation is essential to pushing the movement to end sexual violence forward.