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We Can't End Sexual Violence Without Ending Racism

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As an organization committed to the mission of ending sexual harassment, assault, and abuse, we recognize it will take ending all forms of racism to accomplish this. Racism, specifically anti-Black racism, is a root cause of sexual violence. Harmful beliefs that view other groups as lesser — like sexism, heterosexism, transphobia, ableism, and racism — feed into the inequity and abuse that underscore all forms of sexual violence. In order to prevent sexual violence, we must acknowledge and take steps to undo the systemic ways anti-Black racism shows up in our communities and our work.

NSVRC and our partners at the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape have developed the following resources as a part of our ongoing work to interrupt racism within our own organization and the anti-sexual violence movement. Anti-Blackness and oppression are woven deeply into the fabric of our society. The work of anti-racism is a call to all individuals, communities, organizations, and institutions to change ourselves and the systems that surround us to build equity and respect. 

Sexual Violence and Oppression Infographic 
Introducing the Risk and Protective Factors Infographic
Racial & Sexual Violence Pyramid 

History You Should Know Series (PA Centered Podcast)
The Connection Between Anti-Blackness and Sexual Violence (PA Centered Podcast)
COVID-19 and Health Equity Podcast Series 
Racial & Sexual Violence (PA Centered Podcast)
Racial Justice Lessons Learned Podcast (PA Centered Podcast)

The Many Ways to Learn Black History
Finding Mental Health Resources for BIPOC Survivors
COVID-19 and Survivors of Color
Why the Derek Chauvin Trial Matters
Anti-Racist Resources Our Team Is Reading Now 
Sexual Violence and Oppression: Framing Our Work Using the Sexual Violence Continuum 
Ending Sexual Violence in Communities of Color Means Talking About Anti-Blackness 
Black, Proud, & Holding Mainstream Accountable
A Movement Within a Movement 

Respect Together's Statement on the Murder Conviction of Derek Chauvin 
Respect Together's Statement on the Capitol Insurrection 1/6 
Respect Together Supports Chrystul Kizer 
Respect Together Stands Together with Communities of Color 
Our Commitment to Racial Justice 

Other resources
SART Toolkit: Cultural and Ethnic Communities 
Interrupting racism & other forms of oppression (in partnership with ElevateUplift)
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