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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

What is the connection between Sexual Violence, Racial Injustice, and All Forms of Abuse?

This Q&A page is meant for white audiences struggling to understand how issues of racism and sexual violence are connected, and why preventing sexual violence requires ending white supremacy culture. It also explains white people’s role in making these changes.


How is the sexual violence movement tied together with the movement to end racial injustice?

At its heart, doing the work of sexual violence prevention is:

Social Justice Booklist for Children, Teens, and Young Adults NSVRC Wed, 03/08/2023

Social justice means equal rights and equitable opportunities for all. True social change relies on actions and efforts at multiple levels, and it can begin with introducing youth to social justice books to help them better understand different cultures, people, and situations.

Making Connections

Learn about the connections between multiple forms of oppression and how they have been built into our systems, our society, and even ourselves.  Inspired by our #SAAM2023 slogan "Prevention Demands Equity", we make connections between factors that contribute to violence to help us understand how all forms of violence are related. Each blog below explains the connections between various forms of oppression and sexual violence.

About jabavizhi Fri, 04/22/2022

April 2021 marks twenty years of SAAM — a campaign that shines a light on the issues of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse and focuses on solutions to ending these types of violence.

Building Safe Online Spaces Together Infographic NSVRC Mon, 04/04/2022