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The facts behind the #metoo movement: A national study on sexual harassment and assault

Sexual harassment and assault are widespread problems that cause pain, limit people’s lives, and impact communities and society. The findings in this study are a necessary wake-up call to leaders and ordinary citizens alike to examine our culture in the United States to understand how it allows so much sexual abuse to take place, particularly against women and other historically marginalized communities.

Four Ways We Can Build Safe Online Spaces Infographic Emily Bigger Mon, 04/05/2021

Learn how to practice digital consent, intervene when we see harmful content or behaviors, and ensure that online spaces — whether they be workspaces, classrooms, social media platforms, or otherwise — are respectful and safe.

Still Broken: Sexual Misconduct and Harassment in the Legal Profession- A National Study

Women Lawyers On Guard’s Survey on Sexual Misconduct and Harassment in the Legal Profession reflects significant, current evidence of sexual misconduct and harassment. The system of addressing sexual harassment in the legal profession is Still Broken.

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Read the Executive Summary Here

Governor Andrew Cuomo Sexual Harassment and Assault Allegations: 5 Critical Points

At least three women have reported sexual harassment by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, as political leaders across the country face similar claims of inappropriate behavior. It is unacceptable to tolerate and excuse sexual harassment and discrimination in politics. Our leaders have the opportunity and responsibility to help support survivors and further the prevention movement in a constructive way.

Sexual harassment is a pervasive problem, especially for women.