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Online Harassment Resources

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The following resource helps victims of online bullying, harassment, or hate speech connect with resources to document, report, and heal from cyber-related harm.

Spotlighted Resources

Online Harassment Field Manual - PEN America

“Whether you’re experiencing or witnessing online abuse, this Field Manual offers concrete strategies for how to defend yourself and others. We wrote this guidance with and for those disproportionately impacted by online abuse: writers, journalists, artists, and activists who identify as women, BIPOC, and/or LGBTQIA+. Whatever your identity or vocation, anyone active online will find useful tools and resources here for navigating online abuse and tightening digital safety.”- PEN America

Digital Security Helpline - Access Now

Access Now offers 24/7 help services available in nine languages “We are a free-of-charge resource for civil society around the world. We offer real-time, direct technical assistance and advice to civil society groups & activists, media organizations, journalists & bloggers, and human rights defenders.”

Bullies Out- How to Report Social Media Abuse

Most Social Media sites have a reporting system in place aimed at flagging inappropriate content. This resource explains how users can report harassing contacts according to each platform, as well as an explanation of what constitutes inappropriate content on each respective site.

Guides & Resources

Digital Safety

Violet Blue: How to Remove Yourself from Internet Searches and People Databases

So You’ve Been Doxed: A Guide to Best Practices from Crash Override

Non-Consensual Intimate Images Removal Guide from End Revenge Porn

Digital Hygiene Course from Trollbusters

Do It Yourself Online Safety Guide from Chayn

How to Store Date: What data storage has to do with tech-related VAW- Take Back the Tech

How to Shut Stalkers Out of Your Tech by Yael Grauer

The Data Detox Kit from Tactical Tech

Keep Your Data Secure With a Personalized Plan by Consumer Reports

How To Protect Your Data And Remove Personal Information From The Internet: Abine's step by step instructions on how to remove your online public records from the leading data sites.

A Feminist’s Guide to Digital Security from Community Red

App Safety Center from the National Network to End Domestic Violence

Securing Online and Offline Freedoms for Women: Expression, Privacy and Digital Inclusion Manual from Tactical Tech

Anita Sarkeesian's Guide to Internetting While Female from Marie Claire

How To Deal With Privacy and Anonymity from Take Back the Tech

Digital Body Boundaries: A 21st Century Concept from Darkness to Light

Online Harassment

HeartMob from Hollaback!

So, you’re getting harassed on the Internet. What do you do now? By Deanna Zandt

Get Help Now By Cyber Civil Rights Initiative

Online Harassment, Digital Abuse, and Cyberstalking in America by Amanda Lenhart, Michele Ybarra, Kathryn Zickuhr and Myesia Price-Feeney. Published by Data and Society

Speak Up & Stay Safe(r): A Guide to Protecting Yourself From Online Harassment: Feminist Frequency, Jaclyn Friedman and Renee Bracey Sherman

Advice for Researchers Facing Online Harassment by Science Media Centre

Resources from Cyberbullying Research Center

Resources for Survivors

SAAM 2021 Survivor Resources from NSVRC

How to Talk to Survivors of Online Violence from Take Back the Tech

Technology Safety & Privacy: A Toolkit for Survivors from National Network to End Domestic Violence

Hacking systems of oppression and protecting our vital strengths: a feminist framework for self-defense by Christy Alves Nascimento and hosted by Take Back the Tech

Understanding Encryption: The Connections to Survivor Safety from Internet Society & National Network to End Domestic Violence

Podcasts and Webinars

Coda Currents: How tech perpetrates domestic violence; Who has access to your health data?

This episode looks at how abusers use stalkerware and smart homes to abuse survivors of domestic violence survivors. In addition, you’ll hear about considerations to make when sharing your health data, especially in light of the pandemic.

Safety Net partnered with Norton Life Lock to host two webinars on privacy and security tools for survivors: 

  • Webinar 1: Tools for Online Privacy and Security. This webinar explores tools like two-factor authentication, password managers, and social media account settings.
  • Webinar 2: Device and Account Security in Safety Planning for Relocation. This webinar takes a deeper dive into security and privacy planning when survivors are relocating.

Podcasts – A National Resource Center on Tech Abuse 

These six episodes are available in English and in Spanish transcripts on various topics related to online harassment, including cyber abuse on campus and survivor-centered storytelling

The State of Women and Online Harassment Podcast 

Author and activist Bridget Todd discusses the online harassment that women and other marginalized people face and how to prevent it.

Dealing with cyberbullying – What would a feminist do? 

What is it about the internet that makes people feel they have the freedom to say criminal, abusive things? Host Jessica Valenti – The Guardian’s most frequently targeted writer – talks about online harassment and what people can do about it.

National Crime Prevention Council hosts a podcast series exploring general cyberbullying information, taking action in schools, creating community change and how teens feel about cyberbullying

Online Harassment: the Plague of Social Media Why does the abuse happen and should there be limits to free speech on social media? A podcast by the BBC

Cyberbullying & Online Harassment Therapy for Black Girls chats with guests Dr. Brendesha Tynes and Dr. Danielle Hairston about what radicalized cyberbullying and harassment might look like online, how it impacts young people, how it might impacts mental health, and how we can support ourselves and loved ones who might have had these experiences.

Podcast – The war online: Abuse and harassment, and what journalists are doing about it Journalists have developed ways to deal with online harassment, from shutting down social media accounts, to confronting abusers, to advocating for change on a systemic level. In this episode, WAN IFRA hear about how that works.


Tech Abuse in the Pandemic & Beyond: Reflections from the Field, 2021

Download the Executive Summary.

Download the Full Report.

Bystander Intervention on Social Media: Examining Cyberbullying and Reactions to Systemic Racism by Rashawn Ray, Melissa Brown, Ed Summers, Samantha Elizondo, and Connor Powelson

The State of Online Harassment by Emily A. Vogels from the Pew Research Center

Lessons from Piloting a Social Media Helpline from Social Media Helpline for Schools

Attacks and Harassment: The Impact on Female Journalists and Their Reporting by TrollBusters

Research & Statistics from Women’s Media Center

Silencing Women? Gender and Online Harassment by Marjan Nadim and  Audun Fladmoe

Online harassment is a serious problem in America. This is where it’s happening from by Emily Vogels of the World Economic Forum

The Effect of Cyber Harassment and Sex on Self-Esteem and Depression by  Ashley M. Case

Social Media Research and the Methodological Problem of Harassment: Foregrounding Researcher Safety by Bridget Gelms

Cyber-Harassment Survey from Center for Victim Research

Does Online Harassment Constitute Bullying? An Exploration of Online Harassment by Known Peers and Online-Only Contacts by Janis Wolak, J.D., Kimberly J. Mitchell, Ph.D., and David Finkelhor, Ph.D

Online Harassment Among College Students: A Replication Study Incorporating New Internet Trends by Megan Lindsay Brown and Judy Krysik

Online Harassment Isn’t Growing—But It’s Getting More Severe by Sophie Bertazzo 

Cyber Civil Rights Initiative

Statista data charts:


The Sample Log from the National Network to End Domestic Violence serves as a template to help victims of online harassment document conduct for their records.

Anti-Bullying Campaign Ideas and School Resources by Do Something

The STOMP Out Bullying HelpChat Line The goal of the STOMP Out Bullying™ Live HelpChat Line is to help you reduce the stress, depression and fear you are feeling as a result of being bullied and to empower you to make healthy decisions.


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