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Jan 14, 2022
Black people are often overburdened with the expectation to teach others about the importance of Black history, why it matters, and its connection with current dynamics of racial inequity in the world. This labor is often done unpaid, can be emotionally triggering, and places an unfair expectation on Black people to teach as opposed to the duty for non-Black people to seek out learning resources themselves. In fact, there is a great deal of materials online to learn about Black history.  This list of resources was compiled to help connect people with tools, resources, and materials for
Jan 10, 2022
As we’ve learned from our research on sexual violence in disasters, crises further magnify pre-existing social inequalities and violence. Stalking is no exception. The crime of stalking is highly misunderstood, often misportrayed in the media, but extremely pervasive and harmful. Stalking is  commonly defined as “recurrent and unwanted intrusive behavior toward another individual that causes distress.” While this has traditionally been thought to take place in person, through the mail, over the phone, and more recently online, new technologies have created new pathways for stalking. For
Jan 04, 2022
At NSVRC, we are doing our best to serve you as we collectively face this difficult time of uncertainty. As our daily lives are dramatically shifting, it has never been more critical for us to be there for one another as together, we respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As we learn more about COVID-19, we are also learning about the ways it impacts our work to support survivors and create safer communities. We will continue to share information and tools to support the critical role of our partners and online community. Below are some key resources and recommendations on COVID
Jan 03, 2022
The first movie I saw in a movie theater was Star Wars. I was five and couldn’t hold the seat down. My favorite book series as a pre-teen was Madeleine L'Engle’s Time Quintet. I took extra science classes in high school and I might have been the only person in my Science, Technology, and Ethics class in college that actually enjoyed the required readings. I dressed up as Trinity from The Matrix more than once. I have been thinking about the potential benefits and consequences of machine learning outpacing human intelligence and the concept Singularity for quite some time. So, I wasn’t
Dec 20, 2021
With holidays swiftly approaching, schools are about to let out and families may be spending a lot of time together under one roof. These days can hit like a whirlwind and be gone before we know it - or they could drag on with stress, anxiety, and boredom. Since the best thing we can give our kids is our time, I wanted to share a few children’s books held within the NSVRC/PCAR library that kids can read on their own or with caregivers or loved ones. Blossom and Bud by Frank J. Sileo follows two plants that live in Mr. Baxter’s flower shop. These two live amongst other plants of every
Dec 06, 2021
Avalon Healing Center is on a mission to provide free, professional services to survivors of sexual assault 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even under pre-pandemic conditions, this is a mighty task. We sat down with Kimberly Hurst, founder and CEO of Avalon Healing to understand how the pandemic created new barriers to sexual violence service providers and how organizations have developed new solutions.  NSVRC: What kind of work does Avalon Healing do? Kimberly Hurst: Avalon Healing Center is based in Detroit, MI; it is the largest sexual assault center in the state and has one
Dec 06, 2021
Based in France, Paye ta Truelle is on a mission to stop sexual harassment in archaeology, which has been rampant since its inception as a field of study. In order to raise awareness, Paye ta Truelle created a visual exhibition which has toured international universities to shed light on experiences of sexism in academia. Not only does the work of Paye ta Truelle showcase what resistance looks like, but it also highlights the big efforts being made by students against sexual violence prevention.  We sat down with initiative leaders Amanda, Laura, Béline, and Ségolène to learn more. NSVRC:
Dec 02, 2021
Jordyn’s Story In September 2019, the San Diego county child abuse hotline received a call about Jordyn*, a six-year-old girl who was being sexually abused by her father. An investigation confirmed the heartbreaking allegations, and Jordyn was taken from the only home she’d ever known to an emergency children’s shelter. Just imagine how terrifying and confusing this experience would be to a kindergartener. What is this strange place? Why can my brothers stay home with Mom, but not me? Will I be here forever? That November, Jordyn’s father was arrested on felony charges of child sexual abuse
Dec 02, 2021
I wrote this blog 18 months after the SARS-CoV2 virus landed with an American passenger in Washington state. In March 2020, the virus was declared a pandemic, and the world went into quarantine. For some people, this was a welcome respite from their daily commute and a chance to spend more time with family. For others, the time spent at work or school was the only period they were free from the silent pandemic that existed long before COVID-19. Sexual violence is a non-legal term used to describe nonconsensual or coerced sexual activity. One in three women and one in four men have experienced
Dec 02, 2021
The last year and half has shown me just how many skills I’ve developed since experiencing trauma. For many of my friends and family, I’m the person to go to when sh*t hits the fan. “Hey you used to be a mess, maybe you can help?” Needless to say, I’ve gotten a lot of phone calls since April 2020. As a rape survivor, “you used to be a mess” traditionally made me feel isolated and misunderstood. While it’s no joy that the last year and half has been a series of traumatic events, I’ve been finding myself grateful that for the first time, we're all starting to speak a bit more openly about