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World Organization of Family Doctors COVID-19 Webinar on Family Violence

The fourth WONCA COVID-19 webinar focuses on Family Violence. Not only have some of the risk factors greatly increased by the lockdown, economic crisis, and social isolation, but also the availability of specialized services and ways of accessing them have changed significantly. The aims of the webinar are to give an overview of family violence highlighting aspects related to the pandemic and offer practical tools useful to family doctors in daily practice, as well as in the current situation.

Intersection Between Domestic Violence/Child Sexual Abuse and COVID-19 Webinar

The National Center for Victims of Crime  host this webinar provides an overview of how COVID-19 impacts domestic violence and child sexual abuse victims. It also shares strategies advocates can use to assist victims of domestic violence during the pandemic. The webinar is presented by Tamara Chapman-Wagner, the Deputy Director for the Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Key Findings from "Comprehensive Sexuality Education as a Primary Prevention Strategy for Sexual Violence Perpetration"

"Comprehensive Sexuality Education as a Primary Prevention Strategy for Sexual Violence Perpetration" explains the link between school-based sex education programs and sexual violence prevention, and how sex education can become an important strategy in preventing harm.

Teen Dating Violence Prevention Resources - 2021 Update Jennifer Benner Thu, 02/11/2021 - 16:08

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and the 2021 themes include “Know Your Worth” and #1Thing.

100 School Districts: A Call to Action for School Districts Across the Country to Address Sexual Harassment Through Inclusive Policies and Practices

"Schools are often the first places where people experience sexual harassment. But few students report it, and those who come forward are often ignored, disbelieved, or even punished by their schools. The 100 School Districts project is based on the principle that schools can be sites of transformative change when responding to and preventing sexual harassment. If you are a student, educator, or community member who wants to learn more about how to make schools safer for students, this resource is for you. Together, we can create a better world for all students."