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NSVRC Blogs by Jennifer Benner

Jennifer Benner is the Resource Development Coordinator at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) where she coordinates the development of resources on a range of sexual violence prevention and intervention topics including resources on bystander intervention and trauma informed care. She joined the NSVRC in 2010 after completing her Master’s in Public Policy and a graduate certificate in Women, Policy, and Political Leadership at American University.

It is important that service providers understand the connections between sexual violence and housing.

Sexual assault may directly impact whether a survivor has access to basic needs, such as a place to live.

Advocates working with youth can use these resources to promote healthy relationships and consent with the young people they work with.  

Child sexual abuse is a major public health problem, but it can be prevented.

New sexual assault data shows an increase in self-reports and a decrease in reporting to police.

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. This round-up provides resources for advocates to help educate teens about teen dating violence.

NSVRC partnered with retired sex crimes detective Justin Boardman to bring you a series of webinars called “Through the Lens of Law Enforcement.”

Stories can be powerful, and sometimes it takes just one person to tell their story so others are empowered to come forward. 

Educators fill a unique role in caring for and nurturing students, which provides a powerful opportunity to minimize the impact of trauma on a child’s life and help foster resiliency.

Check out NSVRC’s newest video podcast series “Resilience in Children.” In this two part video podcast series Casey Keene from the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence talks about resilience in children after experiencing trauma. In these videos she explains that children who have experienced adverse childhood experiences can thrive.  In part one Casey explains what resilience is and in part two, how to foster resilience in children.