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M.U.J.E.R. Inc. JL Heinze Fri, 04/01/2022

P.O. Box 900685 Homestead, Florida
Main Office:
Toll-Free Rape Hotline:

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M.U.J.E.R. Inc. (Mujeres, Unidas, en Justicia, Educacion, y Reforma, Women, United in Justice, Education, and Reform) is a non-profit community based social service organization located in Homestead, FL. MUJER has steadily earned recognition as a responsive agency by ensuring culturally sensitive services to our target population.

Following the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the concept of MUJER became firmly entrenched in the reality of deep South Miami-Dade County residents. Through the following years, MUJER became an independent, non-membership based organization, first incorporated as a 501(c) 3 non-profit in 1994 and was the first agency to begin addressing issues of family violence among Latino families.

Today, our programs fully engage the entire community, predominantly Hispanic low income residents living in the Deep South Miami-Dade County area.

Radiant Hands Inc. JL Heinze Mon, 03/28/2022

Address: 13220 N. 56th St., Suite 203B Tampa, FL 33617
Telephone #: 813-922-8889
Email Address: tampa@radianthands.org​
Website: www.radianthands.org
Social Services, Self Sufficiency, Counseling 

  • Muslim-specific program
  • Support Services
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Radiant Hands Inc. is a nonprofit organization originally established to serve North Central Florida. Radiant Hands Inc. fills a niche in the community assisting those who normally would “fall through the cracks” of normal social service providers. Radiant Hands strives to empower women and families by providing them with spiritual, emotional, educational, and financial support with the goal of helping them to achieve independence in mind. In doing so, we hope to encourage and enable women and families to contribute individually and collectively in strengthening our community as a whole.

Equality Florida JL Heinze Sun, 03/27/2022

Media Spokesperson hr@equalityflorida.org, (727) 388-3636

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Equality Florida is the largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community.

M.U.J.E.R Taylor Teichman Fri, 05/29/2020
State or Territory Served

M.U.J.E.R. Inc. (Mujeres, Unidas, en Justicia, Educacion, y Reforma, Women, United in Justice, Education, and Reform) is a non-profit community based social service organization located in Homestead, FL. MUJER has steadily earned recognition as a responsive agency by ensuring culturally sensitive services to our target population.

Services include:

  • DV and SV Intervention: to help primary and secondary victim/survivors  in their healing journey.  These services are provided to the individual and the entire family from the child who witnesses the abuse to the person enduring the abuse.
  • Community Outreach, Education, and Awareness: to help prevent and reduce the incidents of DV and SV violence in the target service areas while reaching immigrant populations that do not usually assess main stream services.  MUJER is continuously coordinating and/or participating in informational health fairs that are held with in specific underserved areas where immigrants live and dwell.
  • Emergency Assistance: For victims and families at the poverty level, emergency aid during a crisis is a lifeline. MUJER has three means of distributing emergency aid: FEMA Emergency Food and Services Program funds  *approximately $20,000 each year to provide food vouchers, shelter, rent and utility assistance to low-income families; Emergency Assistance: MUJER has received supplemental funding every year from the Sunbeam Corporation; Jardon Solutions to assist victim's needs not covered by FEMA funds.
Living Well Taylor Teichman Fri, 05/22/2020
State or Territory Served

We are a community of care where burdens are lifted, dignity is restored, and lives are changed. Living Well provides an array of services including but not limited to:

Individuals who need help in overcoming difficulties or in taking that “next step” toward personal growth.

  • Couples who are dating, engaged, or married. Our counselors help satisfied couples move toward deeper levels of intimacy and help dissatisfied couples assess their relationship to determine ways they can move effectively toward meaningful change.
  • Families hat require help in learning how to cope with a variety issues including abuse,rebellion, parenting, divorce, blended families, grief, or trauma.
  • Groups that are routinely formed to address specific issues in a shared setting. Group topics include anxiety, depression, divorce recovery, strengthening marriages, and parenting.
  • Seminar/Retreat /Presentations- our providers are expert trainers and presenters, with years of experience providing community training and consultation to businesses, churches ,private and public entities.


Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment Center Chad Sniffen Mon, 01/02/2017
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The Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment provides advocacy and accompaniment, crisis intervention, information and referral, and counseling to victims of sexual and their non- offending family members. Forensic examination is also done on-site by SANE trained ARNPs.

Florida State University

About this Organization

The Clearinghouse on Supervised Visitation is within the Institute for Family Violence Studies, and serves as a resource for supervised visitation centers throughout the State of Florida and nationally. The Clearinghouse is a recipient of a TA grantee from OVW which allowed the Clearinghouse to assist with training Safe Havens grantees and conduct a TA Roundtable on Child Maltreatment.


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Florida Council Against Sexual Violence

About this Organization

As the state’s sexual assault coalition, the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence (FCASV), a nonprofit, is dedicated to victims and survivors of sexual violence and the sexual assault programs that serve them. Sexual violence is intrinsically linked to the social justice movement, and we are committed to ending the societal attitudes, cultural beliefs, and institutional practices that perpetuate sexual violence and other social injustices. 

Contact Information

1820 E. Park Avenue
Suite 100
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Telephone: 850-297-2000

Fax: 850-297-2002

Toll-Free Information Line: 888-956-7273

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Communities Against Violence Network (CAVNET) Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 12/11/2008
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Founded and operated by the former Special Counsel to the Violence Against Women Office, CAVNET enhances collaboration among rape crisis centers, law enforcement, prosecutors, advocates, and others, and addresses sexual assault, rape, incest, domestic violence, youth violence, and victimization of people with disabilities, through an international network of professionals. They operate a comprehensive online database, an electronic mailing list, and an online voice-enabled forum for survivors, who meet and communicate in real time using their computers.

Speaking Out About Rape (SOAR)

About this Organization

SOAR’s mission is to provide education and support regarding the totality of the crime of rape. This includes all aspects of the trauma to its survivors, significant others, as well as society as a whole. Their goal is to increase awareness and acceptance of its victims and to make a safe pathway through the medical and criminal justice communities and the healing process. They achieve this goal by providing presentations from the survivor’s perspective.

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