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Radiant Hands Inc.

About this Organization

Radiant Hands Inc. is a nonprofit organization originally established to serve North Central Florida. Radiant Hands Inc. fills a niche in the community assisting those who normally would “fall through the cracks” of normal social service providers. Radiant Hands strives to empower women and families by providing them with spiritual, emotional, educational, and financial support with the goal of helping them to achieve independence in mind. In doing so, we hope to encourage and enable women and families to contribute individually and collectively in strengthening our community as a whole.

Contact Information

Address: 13220 N. 56th St., Suite 203B Tampa, FL 33617
Telephone #: 813-922-8889
Email Address: tampa@radianthands.org​
Website: www.radianthands.org
Social Services, Self Sufficiency, Counseling 

  • Muslim-specific program
  • Support Services
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