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Sexual Violence in the Military Infographic

This infographic is an updated version from it's original release in 2013. It is a visual snapshot of some of the statistics included in the NSVRC publication “Sexual Violence in the Military: A Guide for Civilian Advocates” with updated research from the U.S. Department of Defense and the Office of Inspector General.

Emily Bigger Tue, 03/24/2020 - 14:21

Ask the Researcher: Sexual Abuse and Reproductive Health for Women of Color

Learn more about a six-year study from Black Women's Blueprint linking reproductive and sexual violence.

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This Land Is Not Our Own

We highlight three resources focusing on Native American culture in recognition of National Native American Heritage Month.

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American Journal of Preventive Medicine Releases Data on Rape-Related Pregnancy in the US

These talking points cover the key highlights from a 2018 study “Rape-Related Pregnancy and Association with Reproductive Coercion in the U.S.” that provides nationally representative inf...

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Mother’s Day Can Bring Up Mixed Emotions – and That’s OK

There are many reasons this day can be difficult for survivors and their loved ones.

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Talking About 'Herstory'

I have the honor and privilege to be one of the librarians at PCAR/NSVRC in charge of ordering books. It’s amazing to me that someone would let me in charge of the books, but they do. I f...

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Thought Provoking Reads and the People that Inspired Them

Three book recommendations to check out during Black History Month this February.

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I Ask for Consent

I Ask for Consent Palm Card and Handout cover the basics of knowing how to ask for and recognize consent. For best graphic quality, download the PDF and then print it out.

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I Ask for Digital Consent

I Ask for Digital Consent Palm Card and Handout discuss the importance of consent in online interactions. For best graphic quality, download the PDF and then print it out.

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Long live the Latino and Hispanic feminism

Throughout the Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated in the United States, we want to give special recognition to the feminist movements that have fought for the rights of Latin American and...

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