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Anti-Blackness in the Movement: Darin talks with Valériana Chikoti-Bandua Estes Darin J. Dorsey Wed, 06/15/2022

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This resource hub is designed to guide individual communities under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella in accessing help, information, research, or support. Please note that we are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse, any of the below recommendations.

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Anti-Blackness in the Movement: Podcast Series Darin J. Dorsey Thu, 06/02/2022

I recently had the immense privilege of speaking to five Black movement leaders about their experiences of anti-Blackness in the movement to end gender based violence and steps we can take to create a movement that is inclusive of Black workers and survivors. 

Creating Safe Online Communities: An Interview with Zora's Daughters Podcast

Creating online communities and virtual media which are inclusive, safe, and respectful is vital to creating more promising, trauma-informed futures. NSVRC invited Brendane Tynes, the co-creator of the Zora’s Daughters podcast, to discuss how they’ve curated a respectful and inclusive online space. Zora’s Daughters is a society and culture podcast that uses Black feminist anthropology to think about race, politics, and popular culture.