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Resources for COVID-19 Response

Woman on a video conference sitting on her couch. Two small kids are sleeping next to her

Emily May, Executive Director of Hollaback!, taking a meeting at home with her young coworkers.

At NSVRC, we are doing our best to serve you as we collectively face this difficult time of uncertainty. As our daily lives are dramatically shifting, it has never been more critical for us to be there for one another as together, we respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

As we learn more about COVID-19, we are also learning about the ways it impacts our work to support survivors and create safer communities. We will continue to share information and tools to support the critical role of our partners and online community. Below are some key resources and recommendations on COVID-19 as it relates to our work to end sexual harassment, abuse, and assault.

Have you found helpful resources and information online about COVID-19? You can contribute to this resource list by emailing us at or by contacting us through our website

General Information

Sexual Assault/Child Sexual Assault

Domestic Violence

Providing Digital Services & Online Trainings



Online Safety

Consent and Boundaries

Legal Resources

Disability Community 


Mutual Aid

Racial Justice and Equity

Economic Justice


Mental Health

Self-Care for Survivors

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