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Your Top 12 Podcast Listens: Looking Back and Moving Forward

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Last year was an exciting year for NSVRC, but particularly for our NSVRC podcast series! With almost 12,000 listeners this past year, we are excited to see that our conversations are continuing to be heard and shared. We look forward to continuing these meaningful conversations with you throughout 2024. Check out the top 12 podcasts you listened to in 2023! 


  1. Sex Ed: Teaching Porn Literacy


In the second episode of our Sex Ed series, NSVRC’s Jen Grove talks with Boston University School of Public Health professor Dr. Emily Rothman about what it means to be porn literate and how we can help young people think critically about what the research says about pornography. Listen as they discuss the connection between porn literacy and preventing sexual and dating violence.


  1. Sexual Citizens: A Landmark Study of Sex, Power, and Assault on Campus Part 1


Content warning: This episode contains a detailed account of a sexual assault.

In the first part of a two-part episode, we speak with Dr. Jennifer S. Hirsch and Dr. Shamus Khan, authors of the book Sexual Citizens: A Landmark Study on Sex, Power, and Assault on Campus. Sexual Citizens was named one of National Public Radio’s Best Books of 2020. In this episode, we discuss the principles of the book and its key concepts: sexual projects, sexual citizenship, and sexual geographies.


  1. Working with Male Survivors: Talking to Men with Disabilities About Sexual Assault


Leigh Ann Davis and James Meadours join us for a conversation on working with male survivors of sexual assault who have disabilities. They talk about tools they’ve worked on like the Talk about Sexual Violence Project, which educates health care providers on how to talk to men with disabilities about sexual assault; what advocates can do to increase access to services; and more.

This resource is part of Working with Male Survivors of Sexual Violence.


  1. Prevention Gets Visual: A conversation about Photovoice


On this podcast, Sally Laskey, NSVRC Evaluation Coordinator talks to collaborative partners from PhotoVoice Worldwide and local preventionists in Ohio that worked with the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence in creating a culturally responsive and anti-violence centric toolkit on how to use Photovoice in sexual violence prevention work.


  1. Excerpt from “Applying Principles Focused Evaluation in the Sexual Violence Prevention Context”


This NSVRC Evaluation Toolkit webinar introduces preventionists to principles-focused evaluation (PFE), which identifies principles describing core values and behaviors used to foster successful prevention work. PFE complements outcome evaluation and supports decision making during prevention implementation. Viewers will learn how to incorporate their own sexual violence prevention effectiveness principles into their evaluation approach.  This learning will be accompanied by examples from Washington state’s experience of engaging preventionists in the process of identifying principles – a project supported by the State Department of Health.


*This is among the top 5 of our podcasts released in 2023


  1. Exploring Environmental and Situational Prevention


On this episode, NSVRC’s Mo Lewis talks with Maddy LaCure and Paté Mahoney about environmental and situational prevention and ways practitioners can bring this approach to their prevention efforts.


  1. Why are We Talking About Evaluation?


On this episode, NSVRC’s Mo Lewis and Sally J. Laskey talk about why and how we use evaluation for good.


  1. Creating Climates for Innovation


On this podcast, NSVRC Evaluation Coordinator, Sally Laskey talks with researchers Dr. Nicole Allen and Aggie Rieger about how to better support those working to prevent sexual violence. 


  1. Sexual Citizens: A Landmark Study of Sex, Power, and Assault on Campus Part 2


In the second part of a two-part episode, we continue our conversation with Dr. Jennifer S. Hirsch and Dr. Shamus Khan, authors of the book Sexual Citizens: A Landmark Study on Sex, Power, and Assault on Campus. On this episode, we discuss how the book has been received, as well as the implications of the book and the Sexual Health Initiative to Foster Transformation (SHIFT) study for sexual violence prevention work.


  1. Preventing Sexual Assault Together: The Power of Community Engagement


This episode is a conversation with Kelly Mays and Sara McGirr about the process used and findings from an equity focused sexual assault community assessment process in Michigan. 


  1.       Anti-Blackness in the Movement: Podcast Series 

For organizations striving to serve as allies and accomplices to Black communities, these five podcasts are a tool to better understand how they can fulfill their commitments and create a movement that addresses gender-based violence against all people while following the lead of the most marginalized among us. 

These conversations exhibit the diversity of Blackness - the interviewees hold a multitude of identities and represent separate and distinct experiences and perspectives. While there are differences among them within age, gender, geography, citizenship and other categories, there are many similarities in how they experienced anti-Black racism within movement organizations. There are also commonalities in how they advocate for true, survivor-centered accountability within the movement.


  1. Bonus Episode: Five Insights from a Survivor’s Path


Poet Kelly Mays (Native Child) shares her poem inspired by her work on the MPHI Community Sexual Violence Prevention (CSVPA) Advisory Committee.


Are there any topics you’d like covered in our podcast series in 2024? Reach out to to tell us your ideas!