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Anti-Blackness in the Movement: Podcast Series

dark green background with the words "Anti-Blackness in the movement' written in white on the left, and a black and white photo of a protest, showing a person holding a sign that reads "Dismantling a racists system requires shifts in power"

I recently had the immense privilege of speaking to five Black movement leaders about their experiences of anti-Blackness in the movement to end gender based violence and steps we can take to create a movement that is inclusive of Black workers and survivors. 

For organizations striving to serve as allies and accomplices to Black communities, these five podcasts are a tool to better understand how they can fulfill their commitments and create a movement that addresses gender-based violence against all people while following the lead of the most marginalized among us. 

These conversations exhibit the diversity of Blackness - the interviewees hold a multitude of identities and represent separate and distinct experiences and perspectives. While there are differences among them within age, gender, geography, citizenship and other categories, there are many similarities in how they experienced anti-Black racism within movement organizations. There are also commonalities in how they advocate for true, survivor-centered accountability within the movement.

Finally, another element that is consistent between all five of these guests is that they do various forms of consulting, training, and technical assistance work with movement organizations. Organizations that wish to increase equity, inclusion, and access in their work and within their workplaces should consider reaching out to these guests and other experts for support and guidance.

Listen to the podcast series: (Stay tuned as we continue to release each episode in this 5-part series)
Anti-Blackness in the Movement: Darin talks with Michelle Osborne 
Anti-Blackness in the Movement: Darin talks with Tonya Lovelace 
Anti-Blackness in the Movement: Darin talks with Valériana Chikoti-Bandua Estes
Anti-Blackness in the Movement: Darin talks with Theryn Kigvamasudvashti
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