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Hmong Women's Association (HAWA)

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HAWA’s mission is to advocate for social justice within the Hmong and Southeast Asian community through collective and inclusive action.

At HAWA, our work and the way in which we do our work are guided by the following values:

  • Centering our work around those who identify as Hmong women who are MOST impacted and vulnerable to cultural and systemic oppression
  • Sisterhood-building as a way to foster support and love for ALL Hmong and non-Hmong sisters and brother allies
  • Collective action to engage and mobilize community to act for positive change
  • Social justice advocacy to guide our work
  • Healing as an ongoing embedded practice to repair and restore our sense of who we are

Programs & Services Include:

  • Youth empowering leadership and community organizing programs
  • Sexual assault support and advocacy
  • Domestic violence support and advocacy
  • LGBTQ advocacy
  • Civic engagement
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FORGE is a national transgender anti-violence organization, founded in 1994. Since 2009, we have been federally funded to provide direct services to transgender, gender non-conforming and gender non-binary survivors of sexual assault. Since 2011, FORGE has served as the only transgender-focused organization federally funded to provide training and technical assistance to providers around the country who work with transgender survivors of sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, and stalking. Our role as a technical assistance provider has allowed us to directly see key continued and emerging challenges many agencies are experiencing in serving sexual assault survivors of all genders.


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Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse Treatment

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The University of Wisconsin-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is proud to announce the 24th Annual Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse Treatment. The goal of the conference is to provide a wide range of information on the latest developments and treatment methods and to suggest improved ways of dealing with the day-to-day challenges that occur in working with child sexual abuse. Therapists, child protection workers, attorneys, law enforcement officers, medical professionals, and anyone with a need to know more about child sexual abuse treatment will benefit from the conference.


National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life (NCALL)

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Since 2002, NCALL has been providing technical assistance to the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women, Enhanced Training and Services to End Violence Against and Abuse of Women Later in Life Program.  Today, NCALL is a nationally-recognized leader on program development, policy, technical assistance, and training that addresses the nexus between domestic violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

NCALL provides resources and information on the website regarding sexual abuse in later life.  NCALL also provides training & technical assistance to programs throughout the United States on the issue of SA in Later Life.

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