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Shape Your Future: The 2020 Census and What It Means for Addressing Sexual Violence

Learn more about the 2020 census and how data is used to determine representation and funding for local support services.

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Check Out Our Interactive Version of the Risk and Protective Factors Infographic

Our new e-learning tool helps you learn more about risk and protective factors.

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New Social Determinants of Health Annotated Bibliography

Learn more about the research on social determinants of health related to sexual violence.

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Social Determinants of Health - Annotated Bibliography

This annotated bibliography explores research published between 2016 and 2019 on social determinants of health as they relate to sexual victimization.

Emily Bigger Tue, 03/03/2020 - 16:04

What can you learn in 10 minutes about measuring bystander intervention?

We spoke with researcher Rose Hennessey about how to measure bystander intervention.

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Why we need to prioritize preventing child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse is a major public health problem, but it can be prevented.

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Ask the Researcher: Sexual Abuse and Reproductive Health for Women of Color

Learn more about a six-year study from Black Women's Blueprint linking reproductive and sexual violence.

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New Data - Sexual Assault Rates Doubled

New sexual assault data shows an increase in self-reports and a decrease in reporting to police.

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American Journal of Preventive Medicine Releases Data on Rape-Related Pregnancy in the US

These talking points cover the key highlights from a 2018 study “Rape-Related Pregnancy and Association with Reproductive Coercion in the U.S.” that provides nationally representative inf...

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The Resource Spring 2019

The Spring 2019 edition ofThe Resource looks at the wide range of prevention activities happening all across the country! Opening with tips from Berkeley Media Studies Group on ...

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