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I Ask for Consent

I Ask for Consent Palm Card and Handout cover the basics of knowing how to ask for and recognize consent. For best graphic quality, download the PDF and then print it out.

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Accepting, Empowering, and Loving All Kids

Being a child or teenager in today’s society is hard. Society dictates how they should behave, what they should like, and who they should be with.  Those pressures can especially imp...

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Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Military Highlights from the 2014 RAND Military Workplace Study

In early 2014, the Department of Defense (DoD) asked the RAND National Defense Research Institute to conduct an independent assessment of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and gender di...

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Young men of color and the other side of harm: Addressing disparities in our responses to violence

This issue brief discusses young men of color as a largely overlooked group of victims. It looks at both local and nationwide efforts to provide support and services. ...

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NISVS 2010 Report on Intimate Partner Violence Report Talking Points

On February 26, 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report on Intimate Partner Violence in the United States - 2010. The National Sexual Violen...

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Reshape: Creating a Space for Male Survivors

In the January 2014 edition of the Reshape newsletter, Eric Stiles discusses the practice of creating sensitive and informed spaces for men and boys accessing services at sexual assault p...

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Reshape: The Complexities of Gendered Frameworks in the Anti-Violence Movement

In the January 2014 edition of the Reshape newsletter, Michelle Dixon-Wall discusses the challenges of working within a gendered framework at an anti-violence organization. She discusses ...

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Reshape: Enhancing Male Outreach Efforts, One Center at a Time

In the January 2014 edition of the Reshape newsletter, Emiliano Diaz de Leon discusses how state coalitions can strategically do outreach to men and boys and increase the capacity of local centers to do the same. He discusses technical assistance approaches, capacity building education ideas, and strategies for raising awareness.

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