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Healing from Sexual Violence

Mother’s Day Can Bring Up Mixed Emotions – and That’s OK

There are many reasons this day can be difficult for survivors and their loved ones.

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The Challenging and Rewarding Work of Serving Teen Survivors

As sexual assault advocates, we serve anyone who seeks services, including children, adults, people in later life, and youth. Certain age groups across the lifespan can be challenging for...

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From the NSVRC library

NSVRC's library is overflowing with great materials -- here are four titles you might be interested in.

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Responding to Survivors with Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Overview for Sexual Assault Advocates

This guide was developed for local rape crisis advocates who may be asked to work with a survivor with autism.  It is a brief primer on autism, how persons who have autism may respon...

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Explore the Power of Stories in the Storytelling Webinar Series

Stories can be powerful, and sometimes it takes just one person to tell their story so others are empowered to come forward. 

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Storytelling Webinar Series

  • StoryCenter, and the NSVRC
  • 2018
  • This series of recorded webinars explores trauma-informed storytelling methods, how to be trauma sensitive when working with personal stories, ethical practice in working with personal stories, and creative ways to position stories as tools for social change.

    Healing the Mind, Helping the Body

    Long runs outside, walking the dog, yoga, singing, journaling or any number of self-care activities offer a much needed break from life’s stressors. Most people are in need of a little se...

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    The Complexities of Self-Care After Sexual Assault

    Originally posted at on April 26, 2018 By Molly Boeder Harris, The Breathe Network

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    Spanish Survivor Postcard

    The Spanish Survivor Postcard is a resource created for the 2017 Sexual Assault Awareness Month Campaign. The postcard contains information for people who are and who know survivors of se...

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    2017 Spanish SAAM Postcards

    All the Spanish postcards created for the 2017 Sexual Assault Awareness Month Campaign. This includes information about Survivors, Parents, Faith leaders, and Community Members.

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