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NSVRC Blogs by Laura Palumbo

Laura Palumbo is Communications Director at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Laura works on strategic messaging, media engagement and educational materials to promote that prevention is possible. For seven years she had led NSVRC in developing materials for advocates, parents, youth and college students.

High-profile cases in the media are an opportunity to educate the public about the realities of sexual assault.

PLEASE NOTE: NSVRC staff will not have access to email from April 26 to May 1.

Sexual violence is a complex topic for journalists to cover and can be even more difficult for the general public to understand.  We know what we do and say about sexual violence matters. 

This blog is a guest post by Casey Keene, Director of Capacity Building and Education, at the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence.  

The SAAM blog is back from a short hiatus! Although we’ve been busy behind the scenes, and I look forward to sharing more updates about plans for SAAM in the future.

June 15 is the heart of the year. It’s half-way through the calendar year, at the very mid-point of the month.

The team at NSVRC has been blown away by enthusiasm for this year's SAAM campaign. Sexual Assault Awareness Month participation this April was unprecedented. It was a month of activism and action for creating change on college campuses. 

The SAAM countdown just got real. Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2015 is just 1 day away! 

With only a few weeks until April, the weather is getting warmer and SAAM is in the air. In all our years of Sexual Assault Awareness Month planning, April 2015 stands out as packed with action and activism.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is less than a month away. Are you ready for April 2015? The SAAM 2015 campaign is all about campus sexual violence prevention. It’s a call to action to create safer campuses and brighter futures for all.  Everyone has a role to play in creating change.