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SAAM 2024 Day of Giving

Support survivors around the country for #SAAM2024

Support Survivors around the country for #SAAM2024

April marks Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)! This year's theme is "Building Connected Communities." The campaign uplifts the role of inclusive, equitable, and connected communities in reducing sexual abuse, assault, and harassment.
Last year, we hosted the first SAAM Day of Giving and deeply appreciated our community's generous support. This year, in honor of #SAAM2024, we are hosting the SAAM Day of Giving again. NSVRC, as a primary division of Respect Together, is working to disrupt the driving forces behind sexual violence to create and uphold safe, equitable communities with a culture of respect for all people. 

Like all organizations working to support survivors and end sexual harassment, assault, and abuse, we count on donations from supporters who value our work to bring this mission to life. 

Help us mark the SAAM Day of Giving by donating to support our work. Your gift enables us to support survivors, share our resources, and engage the public in preventing sexual assault.

If you are in a position to give, we would appreciate your financial support. Every gift, no matter the size, results in even more support for survivors of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse. 

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Looking for other ways to show support? Make an impact in your state, region, or community.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is also an excellent opportunity to make a local impact. There is a national network of community-based rape crisis centers and local organizations that support the needs of sexual assault survivors. These centers exist across the United States to provide supportive services to victims of sexual assault. Every state and territory also has an organization designated to coordinate resources and represent that state or territory as its coalition.

You can show support by identifying the organizations in your state, region, or community. Connect with them to attend events, volunteer, donate, or fundraise. 

NSVRC maintains a directory of organizations that lists state and territory sexual assault coalitions, victim/survivor support organizations, and local communities of color sexual assault organizations. You can contact your state or territory's coalition to find local resources that provide services to survivors.

You can also find a rape crisis center or sexual assault program near you by searching RALIANCE's directory of local programs