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Sexual Violence

The Effectiveness of Sexual Assault Services in Multi-Service Agencies

This Applied Research paper examines whether organizational affiliation and structure affect the quantity and quality of sexual assault services. The paper offers recommendations for futu...

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2020 Campaign Guide

Campaign Guide for Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2020 – covers topics such as event ideas, messaging, and ways to get engaged in the campaign.

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2020 Poster

I Ask for Consent campaign poster for Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2020.

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We Can Stop Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Abuse Before They Happen

This double-sided handout covers the basics of sexual violence primary prevention.

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Three Lessons Businesses Can Learn from Uber’s Collecting and Reporting Sexual Assault Data

A repost of a blog from our partners at the Urban Institute, Dr. Janine Zweig and Emily Tiry. Originally posted here on the Urban Institute's website.

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Ask the Researcher: Sexual Abuse and Reproductive Health for Women of Color

Learn more about a six-year study from Black Women's Blueprint linking reproductive and sexual violence.

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Examining Uber’s Use of the Sexual Misconduct and Violence Taxonomy and the Development of Uber’s United States Safety Report

This report outlines an assessment of Uber’s integration of the Sexual Misconduct and Violence Taxonomy into its system of receiving and accurately categorizing reports of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and sexual assault from users of its platform. Uber’s approach to using these data in the development of their 2019 United States Safety Report is also assessed.

This Land Is Not Our Own

We highlight three resources focusing on Native American culture in recognition of National Native American Heritage Month.

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New Data - Sexual Assault Rates Doubled

New sexual assault data shows an increase in self-reports and a decrease in reporting to police.

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