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Sexual Violence

Sex Ed: Curricula, Critical Thinking, and Using Technology to Teach Sexuality Education

NSVRC’s Evaluation Coordinator Sally Laskey talks with sexuality educator Dr. Elizabeth Schroeder about using technology and social media to teach healthy sexuality and why it's so criti...

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Longtime treatment provider and collaborator David D’Amora to receive national award

We are pleased to recognize David D'Amora for his trailblazing work to bridge the fields of sex offender treatment and victim advocacy.

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Using Plain Language to Talk about Sexual Assault, Abuse, and Harassment

In this episode of Resource on the Go, Training Specialist Louie Marven, Communications Specialist Megan Thomas, and Communications Director Laura Palumbo share all about NSVRC...

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Sexual Violence and Oppression Infographic

Certain groups of people experience sexual violence at higher rates. We’ve all read or heard this type of statement before, right? We know that sexual violence is inextricably tied to oppression, but how do we communicate effectively about this? Learn more with this infographic.

Emily Bigger Thu, 08/13/2020 - 14:23

Making the Connection: Sexual Violence and Oppression Infographic

We know that how we communicate about sexual violence and health inequities matters. This resource can help us frame the connection between oppression and sexual violence.

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Key Findings from National Prevalence of Sexual Violence by a Workplace-Related Perpetrator

A new analysis on workplace sexual violence has been published, providing a new window into workplace-related sexual violence. This analysis provides information into specific types ...

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NSVRC/PCAR Support Chrystul Kizer

Chrystul Kizer is a sex trafficking survivor whose self-defense and survival was criminalized.

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Anti-Racist Resources Our Team Is Reading Now

We share some resources on the connections between racism and sexual violence.

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Housing, Homelessness, and Sexual Violence - Annotated Bibliography

This annotated bibliography highlights research articles documenting studies on the relationship between sexual violence, housing, and homelessness. The bibliography summarizes ...

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