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Victim / Survivor Support

Alaska Native Justice Center

About this Organization

ANJC serves as a bridge between Alaska Native people and the justice system. We advocate for justice and work in partnership with community and statewide agencies. They provide a wide range of advocacy, prevention and intervention services.

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3600 San Jeronimo Drive
Suite 346
Anchorage, AK 99508










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Alaska Native Women's Resource Center (AKNWRC)

About this Organization

The Alaska Native Women's Resource Center is dedicated to strengthening local, tribal government's responses through community organizing efforts advocating for the safety of women and children in their communities and homes, especially against domestic and sexual abuse and violence.

Contact Information

P.O. Box 80382
Fairbanks, AK 99708
Main: (907) 328‑3990
Fax: (866) 287‑8330

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Rape Counselors of East Alabama

About this Organization

Rape Counselors of East Alabama strives to provide 24-hour free and confidential services to victims of sexual assault, their families, and friends. RCEA is committed to empowering survivors and eliminating all forms of sexual violence in our community. Through education and awareness, RCEA aims to change the cultural norms that enable sexual assault to proliferate. Their service area includes: Lee, Tallapoosa, Macon, Chambers and Russell county with our office located in Auburn, AL. They welcome survivors of all genders, races, religions, incomes, languages, abilities, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

Contact Information


Office: 334-741-0707

Hotline: 334-705-0510

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Thrive Alabama JL Heinze Thu, 05/18/2023

Contact Us

3007 Memorial Parkway SW
Suite C
Huntsville, AL 35801

Type of Organization
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Through the Victims of Crime Act, Thrive Alabama offers free mental health counseling, victim advocacy work if needed through the legal system, psychosocial support, and case management to eligible clients.

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center (DVSAC)

About this Organization

We are a private non-profit with decades of experience serving Idaho Falls and the surrounding area. Our trained professionals work in cooperation with other agencies to provide help and care for those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.


Our goal is to reduce the tolerance for violence within our community by providing public education and other services. We seek to overcome the stigma often experienced by those affected by domestic violence, teen dating violence, and sexual assault. These crimes are preventable. Together, as a community, we can change the way violent crimes are viewed and tolerated.


Our Mission:

To help society overcome the stigma associated with domestic violence and sexual assault. To educate, rehabilitate and support victims of all violent crimes and to prevent such crimes as being recognized as a general part of society but rather a crime that can be prevented by a society that takes a stand against such crimes by demanding stricter sentences for offenders, more public education/resources as well as more services available to the youth affected by these crimes. Together as a community we can change the way violent crimes are viewed and tolerated.


  • 24-hour crisis phone line (208-235-2412), or toll-free crisis line (1-866-342-2483)
  • Emergency Shelter for victims and their immediate family who are in imminent danger
  •  Support and education groups for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Victim advocacy
  • Court advocacy and support services
  • Community education
  • Individual counseling
Contact Information


1050 Memorial Drive

Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402

PHONE: 208-529-4352

CRISIS: 208-235-2412

TOLL FREE: 866-342-2483


9am-5pm Monday - Friday


If you have questions as to whether you are a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault, you can call our office at 208.529.4352 or the 24 hour crisis line at 208.235.2412.

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Me Too JL Heinze Wed, 03/15/2023

The ‘me too.’ movement was founded in 2006 by Tarana Burke to support survivors of sexual violence, particularly young women of color from low-wealth communities, to find pathways to healing. The organization hosts an array of survivor resources and information.

The Rowan Center

About this Organization

The mission of The Rowan Center is to provide counseling and support services to victims of sexual assault and to eliminate sexual violence through community-wide education programs. 

Serving the eight towns of lower Fairfield County since 1979, The Rowan Center provides free, 24-hour confidential support to those who have experienced sexual violence, or know someone who has. Our hotline provides advocates if a victim wants to go to the hospital for an exam, if a victim would like to file a police report, and/or if the victim has to go to any court proceedings. We can also be with the victims as the healing takes place, delivering goal-oriented counseling.

The Rowan Center also provides age and developmentally appropriate awareness and prevention education for K-12 students, colleges, corporations, law enforcement, community organizations, and more. 

Contact Information

The Rowan Center

1111 Summer St, Suite 202
Stamford, Connecticut 06905

Phone: (203) 348-9346 staffed M-F, 9 AM to 5 PM

24/7 Sexual Violence Crisis Hotline (203) 329-2929
 Textline 888-999-5545 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
 Chat with an advocate now.

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Sikh Family Center Outreach JL Heinze Mon, 10/24/2022

Nationwide HelpLine
Free & Private

Sikh Family Center’s non-emergency helpline is the first of its kind for the Sikh American community.

Sikh Family Center’s helpline provides culturally specific peer-counseling and non-emergency support for community members in Punjabi and English. The phone line is staffed by volunteers committed to supporting community members facing or fearing any threats to their health, safety, and/or security. We connect members of our community with resources they may not otherwise access. When you call, please leave a message on our voicemail. We try our best to return your call within 48 hours.

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State or Territory Served

Sikh Family Center promotes community health and well-being with a special focus on gender justice. We provide trauma-centered interventions for victim-survivors of violence while working to change the social and cultural conditions that allow gendered violence to occur in the first place. Our training, outreach, and advocacy are grounded in cultural tradition, grassroots power, and intergenerational healing.