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Chaya Seattle - Domestic Violence Prevention Centre

About this Organization

Chaya Seattle take measures in fostering and strengthening the well-being, development, peace, love, and joy among communities across the Seattle region by means of outreach programs, education, and other sort of program awareness on the prevention of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Guided by our core values of integrity, equity, and dignity, Chaya Seattle envisions people across the world helping each other out and restoring the prosperity of the oppressed to create a brighter and sustainable future for the younger generation.

We serve through our innovative and collaborative efforts with other agencies to counsel victims of violence. We understand the diverse cultural norms and stigmas incited by violence to each individual, thus we conduct direct-services program. Through this, we are able to give our clients of all genders and sexual orientation the support that they need so they can start a new and better life.

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