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API Chaya

About this Organization

API Chaya empowers survivors of gender-based violence and human trafficking to gain safety, connection, and wellness.  We build power by educating and mobilizing South Asian, Asian, Pacific Islander, and all immigrant communities to end exploitation, creating a world where all people can heal and thrive. 

API Chaya offers support, referrals, information, safety planning, and also simply to listen, on our confidential helpline. We offer support groups multiple times per year for survivors of sexual abuse/assault and human trafficking. Support groups offer opportunities to share experiences, focus on healing, connect with others and build skills in a supportive, engaging environment. API Chaya Advocates assists survivors and their families with exploring options and in accessing a wide range of resources and services to meet their unique needs, including resources and referrals for housing, legal and immigration assistance, mental health, food and financial assistance programs.

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