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Resources by NSVRC

The NSVRC collects information and resources to assist those working to prevent sexual violence and to improve resources, outreach and response strategies. This page lists resources on this website that have been developed by NSVRC staff.

SANE Program Resources for Expanding Services
SANE Program Resources Related to Children
SANE Program Quality Assurance and Improvement Resources
SANE Program Cultivating Leadership
SANE Program Legal Resources
SANE Program Malpractice Insurance Resources
SANE Program: Building a healthy work environment
SANE Program Management Resources
SANE Sustainability Fundamentals: An Introduction
SANE Program Assessment and Evaluation: An Overview
SANE Program Policy and Procedures: An Overview
SANE Program Performance Management Resources
SANE Sustainability Glossary
SANE Program Fundraising and Grant Writing
SANE Program Collaboration: Intra- and Interdisciplinary
SANE Program Business Planning Resources
Building sustainable SANE programs from the ground up
SANE Program Budgeting: An Overview
SANE Program Billing Process: An Overview
Online Resources for Survivors
Linking the Roads: Working with Youth Who Experience Homelessness & Sexual Violence
Homeless Youth & Sexual Violence: Infographic
SANE Program Succession Planning Worksheet
SANE Orientation Checklist
Key Findings from A Systematic Review of Primary Prevention Strategies for Sexual Violence Perpetration
SANE Program Cost Revenue Workbook
Taking Stock of Your Funding
SANE Program Policy and Procedures Checklist
SANE Sustainability Project Evaluation
Who Pays for Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Exams?: It Is Not the Victim’s Responsibility
VAWA 2005 and Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Exams: Kit Storage Issues
VAWA 2005 and Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Exams Policy Implementation and Impacts
The Resource Newsletter of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center: Spring/Summer 2014
Recommendations to the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault
Multi-Service Programs and the Essentials of Sexual Assault Services
NISVS 2010 Report on Intimate Partner Violence Report Talking Points
Sexual Assault Demonstration Initiative (SADI) eNewsletter Winter 2014
Como convertirte en agente de cambio social: Guia para activistas jovenes
Sexualidad saludable y segura: Hablemos de lo que tu quieres y necesitas
Estrategias para hacerse aliadas de jovenes a fin de prevenir la violencia sexual
Practicas optimas para involucrar a jovenes como socios y socias en la prevencion de la violencia sexual
Vision general del desarrollo sexual adolescente
2014 Understanding sexual violence: Tips for parents & caregivers
2014 Tips for partnering with youth-serving organizations
Strategies for becoming an adult ally
2014 Social media toolkit
Safe sex(uality): Talking about what you need and want
2014 Proclamation for a healthy future
2014 Sexual Assault Awareness Month Proclamation
2014 Prevention tips for medical professionals