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The NSVRC collects information and resources to assist those working to prevent sexual violence and to improve resources, outreach and response strategies. This page lists resources on this website that have been developed by NSVRC staff.

Like all forms of oppression, racism is among the root causes of sexual violence. We can help build safe communities for all people by fighting against racism, educating ourselves, and having conversations about these issues with our children and young people in our lives. As a parent or guardian, you can use these tools and resources to build trust and have open communication with your child about sexual violence and racism. 

While this card is intended for all audiences, white readers should pay close attention to how workplace power structures and systems may benefit them at the expense of others. It is important that everyone is encouraged to take the time to examine their own potential biases in the workplace. It is up to all of us to shape a racially equitable workplace that promotes respect and to protects against sexual harassment, assault, and abuse. 

 Sexual harassment, assault, and abuse are problems that extend across entire communities and cultures. This is why it is important for communities to examine the systems within their communities that permit it, whom they benefit, and what can be done to ensure that every victim of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault has access to the resources they need. 

Violence within our workplaces affects everyone, including employers, employees, staff, managers, and customers.  Although workplaces vary, the Healthy Workplace Actions described in this resource may be appropriate for a variety of work environments. 

Below are downloadable versions of the SAAM 2023 Social Media and Zoom Backgrounds.

About Sexual Assault Awareness Month  April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). The mission of SAAM is to increase public understanding of sexual assault and educate communities on  how to prevent it. SAAM commemorates its 21st anniversary with the theme Drawing Connections: Prevention Demands. We know that a single month isn’t enough to address the significant and widespread problem of sexual assault. However, April holds space for the attention, prevention efforts, and survivor support we hope to strengthen and expand throughout the year.   Hashtags #SAAM Tag your SAAM-

Drawing Connections campaign poster for Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2023. For best graphic quality, download the PDF and then print it out.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is a time to draw attention to the prevalence of sexual assault and educate individuals and communities about how to prevent it. Use this proclamation as a clear declaration to join advocates and communities across the country in taking action to prevent sexual violence. 

On this episode, NSVRC’s Mo Lewis and Sally J. Laskey talk about why and how we use evaluation for good.   Notes: NSVRC Evaluation Toolkit https://www.nsvrc.org/evaluation-toolkit   Dean-Coffey, J. (2017). Equitable Evaluation Framework™. Retrieved from Equitable Evaluation Initiative: https://www.equitableeval.org/framework   Using an Indigenous Circle Process for Evaluation Podcast Episode https://www.nsvrc.org/resource/using-indigenous-circle-process-evaluation   Human Spectrogram NSVRC Online Course https://campus.nsvrc.org/course/view.php?id=121   Data Analysis

Using the public health framework to develop and guide prevention efforts to prevent the perpetration of child sexual abuse, this research translation highlights several programs that focus on preventing the onset of abusive behaviors as a necessary component to an overall prevention plan.