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This guest blog post is reposted with permission from Sharon M. Wasco, PhD. The original post appeared on Dr.

Three books about consent to check out during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Parents play a critical role in teaching their kids about consent, respect, and boundaries.

Supporters are Encouraged to Wear Teal on the Day of Action on April 2nd

I have the honor and privilege to be one of the librarians at PCAR/NSVRC in charge of ordering books. It’s amazing to me that someone would let me in charge of the books, but they do. I find it a thrilling challenge to purchase new, unique, and quality materials for our library. Women’s history is also a fascinating subject for me. I have always enjoyed learning about those who have come before me and those who continue to work tirelessly so that I and others can have a life closer to what we deserve.

It is important to recognize the different needs, experiences, and vulnerabilities of survivors in different groups.

For the last several years, the opioid epidemic has been making headlines with growing frequency. From political podiums to religious pulpits, from Facebook comments to front page news, everyone is talking about people overdosing on opioids and what can be done about it.

Harrisburg, PA – It is vital that we hold those who commit sexual harassment, abuse, and assault accountable, regardless of their power, fame, or wealth. After the extensive documentation of abuses inflicted on Black girls and women by R. Kelly, NSVRC is pleased to learn that he is facing criminal charges for some of this conduct.

This case is a reminder that we must listen to and believe the accounts of Black women and girls, who experience sexual violence at higher rates than other groups of women but are often disbelieved and face systemic barriers rooted in oppression.

Three book recommendations to check out during Black History Month this February.

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. This round-up provides resources for advocates to help educate teens about teen dating violence.