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Know the basics: Equity vs. Equality
Clarifying exactly what each term means when talk about inclusion is vital to making change happen. Although the words ‘equity’ and ‘equality’ are often used interchangeably, they are different. Understanding that difference is key.
Making connections
#SAAM2023 is all about Making Connections in every sense of the word; making connections with our work, with others, with our community, our history, and with ourselves. Find out how an array of issues are connected, and how ending all forms of violence is the linchpin to preventing sexual violence.
For Youth
Young people play a critical role in replacing the harmful trends of yesterday with the new norms of respect today. It's important to be aware of specific issues affecting youth as they continue their journey in becoming leaders of the future.
For Parents
Raising tomorrow's change-makers is no small task; especially in today's environment of new risks and emerging technology. Parents need unique support in not only keeping their children safe, but in ushering in a new era of trauma-informed nurturing.
For Workplaces
Creating environments free from harm isn't just a duty to undertake at home, it's vital in every corner of our lives- the workplace included. Ending the silence on occupational harassment and violence begins when we feel safe to tell our stories and learn how to create equity, safety, and accountability in the workplace.