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Planning for Photovoice: Power, Consent, and Safety

Guest blog post by Laura Lorenz, PhD, MEd and Diana Weggler, Photovoice Worldwide

Since 1992, Photovoice has been used by people all over the world as an action research tool to create positive change. A participatory visual approach using photographs and captions, Photovoice creates opportunities for people with valuable lived experience—referred to as co-researchers or co-creators—to have a voice in the decisions that affect their health, lives, and communities.

Sexual Violence in Disasters

This guide draws from research, reporting, and the lived experiences of survivors to explore the connections between sexual violence and disasters, the inequities that shape them both, the lessons to be learned from the resilience of survivors and their communities, and opportunities for all of us to prevent sexual violence before, during, and after disasters.


Virtual Adaptation Guidance for Sexual Violence Prevention Curriculum and Interventions

The COVID-19 pandemic deeply impacted and continues to impact our communities. In order to meet the needs of the changing landscape of learning, many curricula and interventions have provided virtual adaptation guidance and resources to their implementers. In addition to consulting the guidance below, implementers are encouraged to contact their funder and use guidance outlined by the CDC's Veto Violence Select, Adapt, Evaluate tool.