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Offenders and Offending

We Can Talk About This Laura Palumbo Thu, 12/14/2023

This series of six social media graphics is designed to guide you through talking to a friend about their problematic sexual behavior. This is the full length version of the We Can Talk About This Teaser.

Mobile Apps for Crime Victims and Providers JL Heinze Wed, 02/24/2021

The following mobile applications (apps) provide information and resources about various types of victimization. Access it Here

The inclusion of a mobile app on this page does not constitute an official endorsement, guarantee, or approval by OVC.

Key Findings from National Prevalence of Sexual Violence by a Workplace-Related Perpetrator

A new analysis on workplace sexual violence has been published, providing a new window into workplace-related sexual violence. This analysis provides information into specific types of sexual violence people have experienced by a workplace-related perpetrator and offers a closer look at the perpetrators of these behaviors.

Publish Date

July 2020