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Intersections of Sexual Violence

Introducing the Risk and Protective Factors Infographic!

Risk and protective factors are a framework of things that can increase or decrease the likelihood of sexual violence perpetration.

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Risk and Protective Factors

This infographic highlights the connections between risk and protective factors and social determinants of health at the various levels of the social ecology, and can be used to link sexual violence prevention with anti-oppression and related public health issues in order to create more effective change.

Race and the Opioid Epidemic

For the last several years, the opioid epidemic has been making headlines with growing frequency. From political podiums to religious pulpits, from Facebook comments to front page news, e...

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Speaking Out About Ed Buck

Another Black man died in Ed Buck’s apartment. The anti-sexual violence movement needs to speak out.

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It Takes a Village: Sexual Violence Prevention and the Opioid Epidemic

How is the primary prevention of sexual violence linked to substance abuse, and how can we connect both of these public health issues?

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Black, Proud, & Holding Mainstream Accountable

Over the past few days, my timeline has been overflowing with responses following the premiere of the Lifetime docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly”. People are going through it and struggling ...

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Retired Sex Crimes Detective Joins Us for a New Webinar Series

NSVRC partnered with retired sex crimes detective Justin Boardman to bring you a series of webinars called “Through the Lens of Law Enforcement.”

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Serving Teen Survivors: A Manual for Advocates

This manual provides a brief overview on the unique issues young people who are sexual violence survivors face.  Also included are tip sheets on working with teen survivors, informat...

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Community Voices - Fall 2018

We reached out to you, our partners and community members, to learn about your work in the movement.

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Facing Race: Tarana Burke, sexual violence and the work for racial equity

"Whiteness is our default way of talking about sexual violence. But it cannot be."

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