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Intersections of Sexual Violence

What are the connections between Transphobia, Racism and Sexual Violence?

What is Transphobia?

Transphobia “is the hatred of transgender people… typically accompanied by the belief that trans people don’t deserve respect or rights.” It can encompass fear or hatred towards transgender people, or the belief or idea that transgender people aren’t real or are somehow not valid in their own identity. Transphobia is deeply institutionalized and causes direct harm and loss of life for transgender people.  

Deaf Awareness Month: Reflecting On Audist Barriers in the Sexual Violence Field

The first American school to teach American Sign Language (ASL) was the Hartford-based Connecticut Asylum for the Education and Instruction of Deaf and Dumb Persons in 1817 (renamed the American School for the Deaf). While the focus on educating persons with disabilities was groundbreaking at the time, it is clear from the institution’s name alone that there was an implicit, audist prejudice in its perception and approach to its students.

The Importance of Language Access

Our Views on Language Access

Language access is an essential part of ensuring no survivor is left out of conversations of healing, support, and prevention. Language justice, the right of survivors to communicate in the language that is most comfortable for them, is necessary for changing systems and social norms that will ultimately prevent the root causes of sexual violence. Language access is the act of enacting that right by offering inclusive services.

What You Need to Know: The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) 2016/2017 Report on Sexual Violence Laura Palumbo Thu, 06/16/2022

This summary highlights key findings and prevention implications from the CDC's sexual violence survey data published in the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) 2016/2017 Report on Sexual Violence

PCAR & NSVRC Response: Racism in the Movement

A recent Mother Jones article discussed what many have known to be true for a long time: that racism - Anti-Blackness, specifically - exists and persists in our movement to end sexual violence. The article, How the Mainstream Movement Against Gender-Based Violence Fails Black Workers and Survivors, written by Madison Pauly, captures the lived experiences of several Black colleagues.

(How to Make Sure) It Gets Better Margaret Speer Mon, 04/11/2022

This piece is written to capture the shifting norms, language, and anxieties surrounding relationship visibility and privacy boundaries. This autobiographical blog is designed to read as a casual social media post guided by memories of identity crises, bullying, homophobia, and doxxing. The piece also captures how power dynamics in the virtual space create very real consequences in life offline.