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Research to Practice

The NSVRC creates tools that translate research to practice. This includes publications on Key Research Findings, Research Briefs and Literature Reviews. Browse our collection or suggest a topic for a future publication.


National Research on Sexual Violence: A look to the Future provides a brief summary comparing U.S. national surveys.

Reading, Understanding and Evaluating Research: A Glossary of Terms

Key Research Findings

Key Findings from A Systematic Review of Primary Prevention Strategies for Sexual Violence Perpetration

Key Findings from ‘Sexual Violence Victimization and Associations with Health in a Community Sample of Hispanic Women’

Principales hallazgos del estudio ‘La victimización mediante violencia sexual y sus asociaciones con la salud en una muestra comunitaria de mujeres hispana

Key Findings: Rethinking Serial Perpetration

Exploring Alcohol Policy Approaches to Prevent Sexual Violence

Things to Know: Report on Military Service Academies shows decline in sexual assault

Key Findings on Sexual Violence from the “Global status report on violence prevention 2014”

Research Briefs

Engaging Bystanders to Prevent Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence & the Workplace

Health & Sexual Violence

Human Trafficking

Sexual Violence and Individuals Who Identify as LGBTQ

Sexual Revictimization

Housing and Sexual Violence

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Sexual Violence in Later Life

Literature Reviews

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Risk Reduction: Literature Review for Parents and Guardians