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Technical Assistance Bulletins

Organizational support for evaluation:Creating cultures of curiosity in the anti-sexual violence movement Sally Laskey Tue, 04/07/2015

Evaluating our work helps us to better understand where our strategies are working and where we may need to change course in preventing sexual violence.

Engaging Bystanders to Prevent Sexual Violence: Bulletin Ali Mailen Perrotto Thu, 08/22/2013

This document is intended to help community members learn more about bystander intervention and how they can be engaged bystanders. It provides community members with tips on how to intervene to prevent sexual violence, examples of bystander intervention, and a list of resources.

Polyvictims: Victims’ Rights Enforcement as a Tool to Mitigate “Secondary Victimization” in the Criminal Justice System Taylor Teichman Fri, 04/12/2013

NCVLI’s Victim Law Bulletins, provide in-depth analysis of important topics relating to the assertion and enforcement of crime victims’ rights and offer practice tips

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March 2013

Polyvictims: Victims’ Rights Enforcement as a Tool to Mitigate “Secondary Victimization” in the Criminal Justice System Ali Mailen Perrotto Thu, 04/04/2013

This Victim Law Bulletin discusses the impact of secondary victimization within the criminal justice system for people who have experienced multiple forms of victimization and how to reduce the harmful impacts of this experience.

Download the PDF.

Publish Date

March 2013

Sexual Violence & the Workplace: Bulletin Ali Mailen Perrotto Wed, 03/06/2013

This bulletin provides sexual assault counselors and advocates with information and tools to help survivors identify how their sexual violence experiences could impact their employment and how to respond to their workplace needs.

This bulletin is a part of the Sexual Violence & the Workplace Information Packet. View the full packet or other publications included in this packet.

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Human Trafficking Bulletin Ali Mailen Perrotto Mon, 10/01/2012

The needs of victims of human trafficking are complex. Whether native to the United States or another country, they have often been displaced and isolated from their community. Many victims have experienced a range of physical, sexual, and psychological traumas, and may still be in danger from traffickers.

The Need for Courtesy Reports: Sexual Assault in the wake of Hurricane Katrina Sally Laskey Tue, 06/12/2012

This technical assistance guide is meant to assist   law enforcement agencies in handling “courtesy reports,” which are taken by one law enforcement agency on behalf of another. It was designed to provide concrete assistance and address frequently asked questions, for law enforcement agencies faced with a report of sexual assault from a jurisdiction affected by a nature disaster.

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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Bulletin Sally Laskey Wed, 04/13/2011

Child Sexual Abuse Bulletin CoverTwo major models of prevention are commonly used in strategic planning: the Public Health Model and the Ecological Model. This bulletin examines the two models.

Healthcare Issues and Survivors of Sexual Violence Sally Laskey Thu, 10/14/2010

This bulletin provides an overview of recommendations from survivors and reseachers about how to improve survivors' experiences when interacting with the healthcare system.  Specific roles for advocates are discussed.

Healthcare Issues and Survivors of Sexual Violence

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Housing and Sexual Violence Technical Assistance Bulletin Sally Laskey Mon, 07/26/2010

Cover of bulletin with picture of front doorSexual violence and housing are intricately linked by several factors including access to affordable housing, various forms of oppression and sex offend