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Picturing Your Program: Planning for Organizational Growth

Taking a thorough look at how programs have structured services for survivors of sexual violence is an essential part of how we care for
survivors. This toolkit provides guidelines to explore program values, resources, and structures related to sexual violence services.

Culturally Relevant Services for Tribal Communities and Communities of Color

This roundtable discussion explores conversation about the effectiveness of culturally specific services provided to sexual assault survivors and the outreach strategies for our communiti...

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Taxonomy & Transparency Workshop Update

This document is a follow-up to a Taxonomy & Transparency Workshop hosted on March 5, 2019, in San Francisco, California, by Uber for representatives of a variety of companies. It con...

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Drug & Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault Incapacitated Sexual Assault Checklist

This checklist created by the Office of the King County Prosecuting Attorney provides guidance for investigations of drug- or alcohol-facilitated sexual assault.

Drug & Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault – Incapacitated Sexual Assault Checklist by Office of the King County [WA] Prosecuting Attorney, n.d. Reprinted with permission.

Recommendations for Implementation of Randomized Clinical Trial Design

This policy paper discusses implementing randomized clinical trials including the following six considerations; clear rationale for use of randomization, well-defined treatment and comparison intervention conditions, group equivalence, program evaluation/treatment outcome, participant attrition and data analysis.