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About this Organization

Love146’s vision is the end of child trafficking and exploitation. Nothing less. We believe this is only possible through a bold, broad vision that cannot be achieved by only one person, organization, perspective, or approach. The movement of people who agree that no child should be trafficked encompasses a broad base of diverse stakeholders and supporters — people who disagree about a myriad of issues, but who all share the vision of the end of child trafficking. The movement benefits from this wide-reaching support and from its diversity; from the voices of people who come to the table with different perspectives and experiences. As such, Love146 strives to set a big table in order to foster both collaborations and the collective will to end child trafficking. We come to this table as learners, for while we seek to be experts on ending child trafficking we understand that we will never know it all. 

Child trafficking intersects with a wide range of issues including but not limited to housing insecurity, poverty, and racism. It does not occur in a vacuum. Traffickers prey on a multitude of vulnerabilities in order to exploit children. Therefore, in order to realize the end of child trafficking and exploitation we must acknowledge and devote effort to the issues that impact and intersect with child trafficking. By setting a big table we seek to cultivate connections with, partner alongside, and learn from those working to address related issues. A big table offers space for interdisciplinary approaches and solutions.

At Love146, our decisions and actions are guided by our vision, mission, values, and equity statement. A big table allows for more nuanced understanding of the issue of child trafficking and encourages continued conversations that can lead to real solutions for children. We don’t expect everyone to be comfortable at all times or to agree on all things. However, for those who want to listen, learn, and grow alongside us, there is always room at the table.

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