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The National District Attorneys Association

About this Organization

The National District Attorneys Association's National Center for the Prosecution of Violence Against Women (NCPVAW) exists to serve prosecutors, members of the prosecution team and other allied professionals as they strive to deliver justice to all survivors of domestic violence / dating violence, sexual violence, and stalking and to hold criminals accountable. We all know that in reality domestic violence does not discriminate in selecting its victims from among members of our families, communities, schools, places of worship and places of work; the places in our world that should be safe from violence. While we are painfully aware that anyone can be a victim of domestic violence irrespective of age, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status, studies do support the fact that the majority of the victims are females who are unfortunately abused by their male or female partners.  We do not, nonetheless, overlook men who may be victims of these acts of violence by their male or female partners. Although these studies and statistics may be complex our mission is straight forward: to spread education and awareness to ensure that men and women work collaboratively to end the devastating impact caused by domestic violence to all victims.
·        We host national training events, the Prosecuting Sexual Assault Cases Course.

·        We can design and provide hands-on trial advocacy training geared towards developing and fine tuning litigation skills for prosecutors who handle sex crimes and domestic violence / dating violence and stalking cases.

·        We provide training at state and local conferences on subjects that are relevant to the jurisdictions, expertly delivered by experienced and tested trial and appellate prosecutors as well as scientific and medical experts.

·        We design and conduct multi-day state and local trainings, in consultation with our hosts, to address the needs expressed by the jurisdiction and audience type.

·        We provide resources on topics relevant to the prosecution of sexual assault, domestic violence, domestic violence in late life, dating violence, stalking and cyber stalking.

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