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Resources by NSVRC

The NSVRC collects information and resources to assist those working to prevent sexual violence and to improve resources, outreach and response strategies. This page lists resources on this website that have been developed by NSVRC staff.

African American women sitting on sidewalk with arms resting on knees Key Findings from Sexual Violence Victimization and Associations with Health in a Community Sample of African American Women
Impact of the Cosby hearing: 5 critical points
SAAM 2016 Sample Proclamation
SAAM 2016 Sample Letter to the Editor
SAAM 2016 How to Create a Campaign
SAAM 2016 Event Planning Guide
What is Sexual Violence?
Prevention is Possible
The Impact of Sexual Violence
Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) 2016 Resources
National Sexual Assault Conference 2016 RFP
Sex without consent isn't sex. It's rape.
Issue 22: What's missing from the news on sexual violence? An analysis of coverage, 2011-2013
Key Findings: Rethinking Serial Perpetration
Assessments that Unite Planning Tool
Assessments that Unite
La Guía Del Asesor: Cómo Trabajar Con Padres De Niños Que Han Sufrido Agresión Sexual
Principales hallazgos del estudio ‘La victimización mediante violencia sexual y sus asociaciones con la salud en una muestra comunitaria de mujeres hispanas’
Key Findings from ‘Sexual Violence Victimization and Associations with Health in a Community Sample of Hispanic Women’
xCHANGE Forum: Sexual Assault in the Lives of African American Women Slides
10 Principles for Effective Prevention Messaging
The Resource Newsletter of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center: Spring/Summer 2015
The Advocate's Guide: Working With Parents Of Children Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted
Organizational support for evaluation:Creating cultures of curiosity in the anti-sexual violence movement
Key Findings: Exploring Alcohol Policy Approaches to Prevent Sexual Violence
El cartel 2015
Visión general de la prevención de la violencia sexual en universidades
Qué es la violencia sexual en la universidad / Comprendamos la violencia sexual en la universidad
Es hora de hablar de la sexualidad saludable y del consentimiento
Comprendamos la violencia sexual: Sugerencias para madres, padres y personas que brindan cuidados
In response to WaPo Fact Checker: One rape is too many
Things to Know: Report on Military Service Academies shows decline in sexual assault
SAAM 2015: An overview on campus sexual violence prevention
Sexual Assault Demonstration Initiative (SADI) eNewsletter Winter 2015
Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) 2015 Resources
SAAM 2015: What is healthy sexuality and consent?
SAAM 2015: What is campus sexual violence?
SAAM 2015 Action Steps: Health Care Professionals
SAAM 2015 Action Steps: Faculty and Staff
SAAM 2015 Action Steps: Campus Administrators
SAAM 2015 Prevention tips for medical professionals
SAAM 2015 How to create a campaign
SAAM 2015 Event planning guide
SAAM 2015 Proclamation for a healthy future
SAAM 2015 Building partnerships with youth organizations
SAAM 2015 Understanding sexual violence: Tips for parents and caregivers
SAAM 2015 Social media toolkit
SAAM 2015 Sample Letter to the Editor
SAAM 2015 Proclamation
SAAM 2015 Poster