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NSVRC Blogs by Sally Laskey

Sally J. Laskey is the Evaluation Coordinator for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Sally is a Community Psychologist with over 30 years in the violence prevention and victim services field. She believes in the power of evaluation to tell positive prevention stories.

This list provides examples of events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month based on the goals of awareness, fundraising, healing, community engagement, public policy, and prevention. Publish Date January 2016

This fact sheet defines sexual violence by providing examples and statistics. Publish Date January 2016

This fact sheet discusses strategies individuals, communities, and businesses can use to prevent sexual violence. Publish Date January 2016

This fact sheet provides statistics about the wide-ranging impact of sexual violence on survivors, loved ones, communities, and society in general. Publish Date January 2016

The 2016 Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) campaign materials help to educate individuals, communities, and businesses on steps they can take to prevent sexual violence. Join us in helping everyone to see their role in preventing sexual violence! Prevention Factsheet Resources Prevention is Possible The Impact of Sexual Violence What is Sexual Violence Recursos para la prevención Prevenir es posible El impacto de la violencia sexual Qué es la violencia sexual Campaign Planning Materials How to Create a Campaign Event Planning Guide Sample Letter to the Editor Proclamation   Publish

This publication explores how sexual violence is portrayed in the news and considers the implications of these portrayals for prevention advocates and journalists interested in discussing not just the details of sexual violence, but also how to end it. The findings lay the foundation for ongoing work to define more effective messages about sexual violence that can support prevention policies. This work is part of a multi-year collaboration between the National Sexual Violence Resource Center and Berkeley Media Studies Group. Publish Date September 2015

  Publish Date July 2015

Powerpoint Handout to support National Sexual Assault Conference Workshop: Assessments that Unite Publish Date July 2015

Esta traducción resume los principales hallazgos del estudio “La victimización de Violencia Sexual y de las asociaciones de la salud en una muestra de la comunidad de las mujeres hispanas,” realizado por K. C. Basile, S.G. Smith, M.L. Walters, D.N. Fowler, K. Hawk y M.E. Hamburger. Los hallazgos del estudio se basan en nuestra comprensión de los efectos de la violencia sexual en mujeres latinas y pueden orientar nuestras estrategias tanto de prevención de la violencia sexual como de respuesta a ésta. En inglés. Publish Date Junio 2015

Sexual violence can result in many health, economic, and social struggles in the lives of survivors. This resource highlights findings from a 2015 study on sexual violence against Latina women. Findings can help strengthen our prevention and response strategies with Latin@ communities. In Spanish. Publish Date June 2015