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NSVRC Blogs by Laura Palumbo

Laura Palumbo is Communications Director at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Laura works on strategic messaging, media engagement and educational materials to promote that prevention is possible. For seven years she had led NSVRC in developing materials for advocates, parents, youth and college students.

Esta guía [sobre la violencia sexual durante desastres] se apoya en investigaciones, informes y las experiencias vividas por los sobrevivientes para así explorar las conexiones entre la violencia sexual y los desastres; las desigualdades que les dan forma a ambos; las lecciones que se deben aprender a partir de la resiliencia de los sobrevivientes y sus comunidades; así como oportunidades para que todos podamos prevenir la violencia sexual antes, durante y después de que ocurran los desastres. The English version can be found here. 

This summary highlights key findings and prevention implications from the CDC's sexual violence survey data published in the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) 2016/2017 Report on Sexual Violence. 

High-profile cases in the media are an important opportunity to educate the public about the realities of sexual assault. Specifics of each case are different, but our role as advocates is always to support survivors and help everyone understand sexual violence. These talking points were created to assist in those discussions. Publish Date February 2016