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Voices from NSAC: Building Corporate Courage

Ms. Magazine's Carmen Rios, Time's Up's Tina Tchen, Uber's Tony West, and RALIANCE's Monika Johnson Hostler pose for a photo

Today, we kicked off the National Sexual Assault Conference (NSAC) in Philadelphia, PA. Over 1,700 participants are in attendance, including advocates, prevention educators, campus staff, health care professionals, law enforcement, and more. 

We’re excited to share about how the field of sexual violence prevention is moving beyond the breakthrough of the #MeToo movement to open doors to real and lasting change. Over the next two days, we’ll be highlighting some key takeaways from the conference shared by attendees on social media.

We have a great lineup of plenary speakers for NSAC 2019. This morning, the conference started strong by featuring a panel discussion with Tony West, Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of Uber, and Tina Tchen, high-powered lawyer and co-founder of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund – facilitated by RALIANCE’s Monika Johnson Hostler. The conversation focused on the responsibility of corporations to address and prevent sexual harassment and assault, using examples like Uber’s work to classify incidents of sexual assault.

Here’s what resonated for audience members during the panel:

Tweet from Nicole w: "Panel acknowledging the need to earn that trust. Acknowledging male privilege of NOT needing to think much about safety, which means most corporations are not thinking about this or engaged in strategies (..until it costs them money or bad press) (grimace emoji) #nsac2019"
via @nicycle on Twitter
Tweet from NAESV: "@TonyWest companies need to have the humility and courage to reach out for the right partners to help them change culture. The thinking that created a problem can't be used to solve it. #NSAC2019"
via @endsxlviolence on Twitter
Tweet from RALIANCE: "You have to collect the data and empower the employees. Culture is infused throughout all you do." @TinaTchen #nsac2019 building corporate courage
via @RALIANCEOrg on Twitter
Tweet from Lisa Schulze: "We need to start recognizing when people [and companies] do good things." @TinaTchen discussing compassionate accountability to do better regarding addressing sexual violence in the workplace. @Uber as an example. #NSAC2019 #transformativejustice
via @lschulze on Twitter
Tweet from Nicole W: "The laws and standards for 'bad behavior' are far too low of a bar. Corporations are realizing that this us not the culture they want. #nsac2019"
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Tweet from Kristen Nicole: "@TinaTchen of @TIMESUPNOW talking about corporate responsibility of addressing sexual harassment in the workplace. No more HR protecting the company. They have to protect their 'talent' or employees will go to another company who will #nsac2019"
via @kayyten on Twitter
Tweet from NO MORE: "Great first plenary panel on corporate courage in ending sexual violence at #nsac2019. 'There is a seed change shift in corporate America.' - @TinaTchen of @TIMESUPNOW talking with @Uber's @tonywest & @RALIANCEOrg's @MJH1908.
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