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Voices from NSAC: Building Community Courage

Illustration of various people with different disabilities

Yesterday, we kicked off the National Sexual Assault Conference (NSAC) in Philadelphia, PA. Over 1,700 participants are in attendance, including advocates, prevention educators, campus staff, health care professionals, law enforcement, and more. 

We’re excited to share about how the field of sexual violence prevention is moving beyond the breakthrough of the #MeToo movement to open doors to real and lasting change. Over the next few days, we’ll be highlighting some key takeaways from the conference shared by attendees on social media.

Day two of NSAC continued today with a panel discussion about survivors with intellectual disabilities. Philadelphia disability rights activists Debra Robinson and Carolyn Morgan, along with NPR investigative journalist Joe Shapiro, discussed why women with intellectual disabilities face some of the highest rates of sexual assault.

Here’s what resonated with attendees during today’s panel:

Tweet from Nicole W: "My work on an OVW grant partnership between @SVCmpls and @thearcminnesota has been some of the most innovative and invaluable experience of my entire career. So grateful to hear from these self-advocates. #nsac2019" (image of conference booklet with speaker bios)

via @nicycle on Twitter
Tweet from Amy: "Women with intellectual disabilities face some of the highest rates of sexual assault in the country. @NPRJoeShapiro is facilitating this discussion w/ advocates Debra Robinson & Carolyn Morgan at #NSAC2019. See what states have done about this issue:

via @AmyFrieder on Twitter
Tweet from Arc of New Mexico: "The series on NPR by Joe Shapiro which featured Debra Robinson and Carolyn Morgan, survivors of sexual assault, was inspirational in our decision to start our victim advocacy program for sexual assault victims with I/DD. Today they are speaking at #NSAC2019." (Image of speaker headshots on screen)

via @TheArcNM on Twitter
Tweet from NCCoalitionAgainstSA: "Carolyn Morgan is an amazing advocate and story teller! So many laughs from the audience. #NSAC2019 Day 2 plenary"

via @NCCASA on Twitter
Tweet from Jill: "The char doesn't speak for us, we speak for ourselves." -Debra Robinson #nsac2019 So glad we're talking about how individuals with intellectual disabilities are targeted by sexual assault perpetrators at a 7 or 8 times higher rate."

via @jfergulicious on Twitter
Tweet from NCCoalitionAgainstSA: "In the 60's and 70's special education classes received no education on healthy sexuality. Such a horrible disservice to those with intellectual disabilities that raises their risk of victimization. #NSAC2019"

via @NCCASA on Twitter
Tweet from Nicole W: "As Carolyn says, 'to be safe you need to that they won't tell.' This is why folks with IDD deserve to and need to understand mandated reporting and whether you ARE safe to tell. So how are you making sure they're informed? Serious question. #NSAC2019"

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Tweet from Nicole w: "We disclose any mandated responsibilities upfront. We've created a plain language picture guide to break through jargon. What even is 'mandated?' Required. Must tell. 'If you tell me A/B/C details, I will have to make a report.' #NSAC2019"

via @nicycle on Twitter


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