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Voices from NSAC: Beyond the Breakthrough with dream hampton

Beyond the breakthrough with dream hampton

Earlier this week, we kicked off the National Sexual Assault Conference (NSAC) in Philadelphia, PA. Over 1,700 participants are in attendance, including advocates, prevention educators, campus staff, health care professionals, law enforcement, and more. 

We’re excited to share about how the field of sexual violence prevention is moving beyond the breakthrough of the #MeToo movement to open doors to real and lasting change. Over the last few days, we've highlighted some key takeaways from the conference shared by attendees on social media.

Today is the final day of NSAC, and this morning, dream hampton, award-winning filmmaker and executive producer of the docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, took the stage. She had a conversation with Ms. Magazine’s managing digital editor Carmen Rios about storytelling, (re)framing narrative, and giving voice to the feelings and experiences of Black women and girls. 

Here is what resonated most with audience members:

Tweet from Lisa Schulze: "'R. Kelly is my generations problem to solve.' @dreamhampton discussing the genesis of her game changing/finally-some-justice documentary. #NSAC2019"
via @lschulze on Twitter
Tweet from Christy Croft: "Grateful @dreamhampton brought up the importance of a Black feminist framework, & the history of sexual violence allegations being weaponized by white women against Black men preceding lynchings. #historical trauma #NSAC2019"
via @christycroft on Twitter
Tweet from Boston Area Rape Crisis Center: "'Reason that people across the gender spectrum don't understand consent is because of narrative (songs, television, etc)' @dreamhampton #NSAC2019 #IAsk #Consent
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Tweet from Nuala Cabral: "R. Kelly survivors wanted him to stop harming women/girls. Not one said 'I want him to go to prison.' - @dreamhampton #NSAC2019 #prisons
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Tweet from David Lee: "Great questions from @carmenriosss: How does accountability become prevention? How does accountability become culture change? #NSAC2019"
via @davidcalcasa on Twitter
Tweet from Kristen Nicole: "@dreamhampton talking about the significance of BLACK feminism, nonviolent ways of seeking justice outside of the criminal justice system, and the influence of online activism like #muteRKelly, #MeToo, and #YouOKsis #NSAC2019"
via @kayyten on Twitter
Tweet from Boston Area Rape Crisis Center: "What's next in the movement?! What do you think, #NSAC2019? 'First, I think there needs to be more investment in the work that y'all do (like real investment, like $$)' @dreamhampton
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Tweet from WCSAP: "Who is believed? 'Slavery is why you believe black women cant be raped.' @dreamhampton #NSAC2019"
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Tweet from VSCMontCoPA: "dream hampton said...Also, a therapist was made available but more importantly - black therapists were on set for the survivors and for all people of color to see. #NSAC2019 #beyondthebreakthrough @MsMagazine @nsvrc @ralianceorg"
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Tweet from Speak About It: "Got to spend the morning listening to @dreamhampton talk about the myths of perfect survivors and perfect villains this morning at #NSAC2019!"
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