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Intersections of LGBTQ Issues and Racial Justice Resource List

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Below are reports, studies, articles, and other resources that highlight the intersectionality between LGBTQ issues and racial justice. 

LGBTQ Youth of Color

  • 2019 Black and African American LGBTQ youth report — Human Rights Campaign
    • This resource draws on data from the 2018 HRC LGBTQ Youth Report to highlight the experiences of respondents who identified part or all of their ethnoracial identity as either Black or African American.

LGBTQ Elders of Color

LGBTQ Workers of Color

  • A Broken Bargain for LGBT Workers of Color —  Movement Advancement Project, Center for American Progress, Freedom to Work, Human Rights Campaign, and the National Black Justice Coalition
    • This report explores unfair practices that lead to high rates of unemployment and poverty for LGBT workers of color. 


Racial Justice Organizations and LGBTQ Communities

Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination and Mental Health

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