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A Reflection on the Past, A Hope for the Future

Person holding a heart that is painted in the colors of the rainbow flag

Our nation’s history consists of various different people and groups struggling to make a way for themselves, testing what freedom really means. Many populations often times get overlooked or pushed off to the side. It is important that this October, we take the time as a culture to reflect on the LGBTQ community and its own rich history. In an era where equality is such a pervasive term, it is important that all populations be seen and heard. The Respect Together library tries to fill its collection with a variety of resources that hopefully will educate those who are interested. I wanted to give a brief overview of a few books within the collection that may help recognize LGBTQ History Month.

It is my hope that these books will be helpful to anyone wanting to know more about the LGBTQ community. I also continue to encourage those who are interested to check out the Respect Together Libraries for themselves. As always, I wish you all a fabulous day and happy reading!