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Check Out Our Interactive Version of the Risk and Protective Factors Infographic

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Every once in a while, a resource we release makes a big splash – and that was the case with our Risk and Protective Factors Infographic. It was intended to be an online-only resource, but we quickly realized we needed to make print copies available to keep up with all the requests. Why was it so popular? Well, a lot of reasons, I think - we created it with a lot of community input, had a great designer, and we linked together some important aspects of our work in a way that is easy to understand.

This infographic shows the connections between risk and protective factors, social determinants of health, and anti-oppression – and offers some ideas for how to use these connections to deepen our prevention efforts. Additionally, it does this by utilizing a chart format, so we can follow the connections across different levels of the social ecological model.

So we decided to also make it interactive! Our newest e-learning offering takes the same Risk and Protective Factors Infographic and lets you click around to hear more in-depth about each aspect of the infographic. If you have questions about what risk and protective factors are, exactly, you can click to learn more! You can explore the infographic as much or as little as you want, in this new style.

We hope you find this new resource easy to use and helpful in your work. Feel free to share with your wider networks, too. Email us at to tell us your thoughts about this new tool!