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NSVRC Blogs by Mo Lewis

My work and my passion is ending sexual violence – I’ve been in this movement for over 15 years in various roles, and I feel like one thing I’ve become good at is seeing how all of our different prevention efforts fit together. I can see how campus activists, policy-focused task groups, transformative justice workgroups, and folks who are training all of their church staff and volunteers on healthy boundaries are each important and interlocking pieces of the healthy society we are all creating together.

Evaluation is key component of successful prevention programs – it helps us know what is working, what we should change, and can help us track how we got to where we are now. Okay, I can practically hear people tuning out right now. Don’t do it, though – stay with me!

By Mo Lewis, Prevention Specialist for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center

  This is a guest blog post by Mo Lewis, Prevention Specialist at NSVRC

This is a guest blog post from Mo Lewis, the Prevention Specialist at NSVRC.